Creator Pro replacing / changing pulleys

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Creator... The Creator uses Sailfish. Sailfish can be updated. The problem you are seeing is due to the steps per mm being defined for the set of pulleys originally on the device. Going with a different size pulley is possible, but you need to tell Sailfish that. For example, the Dreamer came out with two different pulleys. There's a setting within the rudimentary user's screen for choosing a black pulley or a silver pulley (the difference, internally, being the number of teeth).

This thread from S3D is exactly what you're experiencing, thought the user wants to make changes for accuracy (not because of a hardware change).

If you don't have S3D, you can always send g-code to do the correction, which isn't that hard.

Here is a great tutorial:

The command you want is the M92 code (M92 X88.8 Y88.8 Z400 E101). But, you'd fill in your own values, not 88.8 or 400.

I usually print a 30x20x10 block (X, Y, Z) for each material type/color and measure that when I do my calibration.

Thx for the info.

I just finished on replacing the pulleys back to the 17T for the stepper motors only and left the ones in the 4 upper corners and this seems to work fine now. Will do some measurements when my test print is finished, but it seems not to matter much for the pulleys on the y-axis corners only for the stepper motors.

Oh good. Do you have a test block print from before any of this? I like to compare prints of the same object after changes. Great for understanding how changes affect the prints... but terrible for my desk, which is littered with all these little blocks of various colors/materials!

After replacing the pulleys for the X-Axis (top corners) with 20 teeth and putting back the original plastic pulleys on the stepper motors only, my printouts are again as expected (both in size and quality) and i didn't need to change the firmware settings to compensate for the different sized pulleys. The top corner pulleys don't make any difference as long as those on the stepper motor are having the correct pulleys with 17 teeths.

I uploaded some additional pics to show the difference, see
On the right side you will see how my printouts where affected after so many hours of printing, and on the left you can see that with changing the pulleys in the corner it's improved again, almost as if it was a brand new printer again.

Next i'm waiting for the metal 17T pulleys to arrive to change the plastic pulleys on the stepper motors.

Flashforge Creator Pro - replacing plastic pulleys
by JoPri

Oh, that's very nice! We had parts that looked just like that, but with two holes on the top, for an optical lens holder.

If you have access to it through the screen or through G-code (I don't have Sailfish), try knocking down your X/Y jerk value Start by halving it, then increasing. That should help with the ringing and maybe the bumps the walls (it could be sympathetic, but it looks like you have three layer walls, so more likely the the bumps are mechanically generated). I'm switching to polymer bearings over the weekend for the same reason. You might have noticed, when you had the extruder off, that the carriage wasn't all that tight against the rails (assuming you have the original linear bearings on). Mine chattered like crazy and some of the ball bearings were dirty, which makes carriage movement unclean.

If you get a chance, try HIPS and PCABS. I swear, no matter how good my PLA and ABS prints turned out, sending the same print but with HIPS or PCABS makes me think I have a new printer.

Great job!

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Pulleys would have lasted decades. I would have changed the belts, filament gear, or nozzle first.

Also a good rule is, if it isn't broke, done fix it.

Today I ordered 8 new 17T pulleys and a 2m belt, as soon as i get it i'll take the time to change the belts, this so i'm sure it's as good as new, or even better :-)

The nozzles have been changed twice during the last year and recently i changed the filament gear too. As said it's a real workhorse and has performed lots of great quality printouts. I really like(d) the price / quality of this flashforge printer and i'm very happy with it, but it's time to make some upgrades to make it last even longer ;-)

Where did you order the pulley and belts from? Can you please provide a link?

I ordered them from, direct link to the one I ordered isn't available anymore, yet search for Pulley 17 teeth and you got plenty to choose from.

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Yeah you need matching teeth on the pulleys because the firmware has been designed with X amount of steps per movement and if you alter the amount of teeth you then alter the step amount and you might find the Axis you changed will print oddly.

Thx for the info, i just ordered a set of 17 teeth metal pulleys so i can replace the plastic ones.

No problem,
just for the information, I only swapped the ones connected on the nema motors with those 17T ones (so I only used two) the others can be of any kind. If I remember correctly I also needed some double headed ones and couldn't find them in 17T and used the 20T without any issues.