What are people looking for? Inspire creation!

by Koopa

Have something you want to print, but can't find an existing model? Have a great idea, but can't seem to execute on it? Post your thoughts here and let's see if we can make some magic together!

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Hover slide thing RC

by 3DLeeds


that came out when I looked into my RC parts collection and wanted to build something to race with.
The little thing is amazingly a lot of fun to race and drift. Lets make it and race against each other!!! ;)

have fun building


Hover slide thing RC
by 3DLeeds
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ekranoplan, Radio controlled, perhaps a hovercraft

by ipowell

There seem to be some models for the, but I don't have the background to DYI the propellers, servios, ect. If there is an existing kit like from 'flite test', that would be close enough to put the two together. (newbie here)

https://aerofred.com/details.php?image_id=87187 https://grabcad.com/library/ekranoplan#!

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Tri-skid Snow machine

by Rodamyot

Yes I know the title is weird....but that's the only name I could thing of !!

OK, the goal here is to make a snow machine, with 3 ski, propulse by a 2206 motor and 5' props, ans direction by 1 servo. Stuff that a hobby guy have laying around.
Also, all the suspension system should use elastic band. The goal is to use only screws and 3D print parts.
Here's some photo of where I am so far. If somebody like to get involve and help design the thing, you'r welcome.

I'm in Quebec. My birth language is french...yes that explain the weird phrasing in my english ;-)

custom snowmobile
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FT plane customization

by ToxicSandbox

Designs and prints to add functionality or looks to preexisting flitetest foamie planes!!

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What printers are people using?

by Timbacct

I have had a Malyan M180 from HobbyKing for just over a year. It has been incredibly difficult to find information about even the basics. As a result I have had several false starts but have recently got into it again. I have produced a diary of my journey from first switching on to getting the sort of print that is shown in the "Troubleshooting 3D prints" type websites. Others seem to have been able to get there immediately but I didn't. Did anybody else have the same problem? Is it worth me polishing up and publishing my diary?

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Share banana skins and rabbit holes

by Timbacct

The main thing I have learnt from starting 3D printing is that it is a hobby in its own right and you have to be a bit obsessive and tenacious (stubborn) to get a decent result. I seem to have slipped on every banana skin and fallen down every rabbit hole between taking the printer out of the box and getting a passable (although not really acceptable) result. There seem to be lots of places to share the fine tuning of 3D printers but I have not found much help getting over the initial blunders that I made when starting printing. Perhaps I am alone and everyone else got it right straight away...

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Mini power pod firewall customizer

by Dayve

I had made a couple mini power pod firewalls using FreeCAD. I made them with the typical 16x19 or 12x16 hole spacings. Now that motors are coming out with all kinds of spacings (16x16, 12x12, etc.), I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to play with OpenSCAD and the Customizer App on Thingiverse. Users can now either download an STL file of my original "standard" firewalls, or click the "Open in Customizer" link and specify their own parameters for just about everything. Check it out below!


FT Mini power pod firewall for quad motors
by Dayve
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Mini Arrow with pod on underneath?

by Bige5150

Hi, new here but was wondering what you all thought about a pod on the underneath of an arrow..
So what happened is my son made a arrow but like an idiot I told him he didn't need the pod because he has no fpv stuff and I don't share well.
Anyways, after he had it together and we started putting in the electronics we both hate the esc and battery just sitting there so I printed him a pod.
So at this point we had two options carefully cut away the foam to fit the pod or just start over. Then I got a crazy idea to just hang the pod underneath so I tried googling it and it doesn't seem like anyone has done it(or if the had the just aren't sharing) so I am wondering if this is a bad idea.


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Stick guards and Drone design lesson

by El7ias

Protect your gear! Have some radio stick guards!

Check out my Fusion 360 Drone design 101 video to get you up and running in drone design fast!

Make it better!

Remote Control Stick Guard
by El7ias
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