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Have something you want to print, but can't find an existing model? Have a great idea, but can't seem to execute on it? Post your thoughts here and let's see if we can make some magic together!

COCKPIT DETAILS! I'd love to put clear Canopies on different FT Aircraft....
It would be cool if there were good fitting Dashboards, Control Panels, maybe partial Seats.... anything!
I know nothing about CAD! I can't afford a 3D Printer. I would need Designs to have the "Order This Printed" Tab included.

Maybe Other details too... Our DTFB Aircraft don't HAVE to be boring, do they?

A mechanical v-tail/elevon connector for two servos. I have an old 2ch radio that I wanted to use for a Versa Wing slope soarer.

Like this: https://static.rcgroups.net/forums/attachments/5/5/8/4/a5948704-148-be0155759588de522556cabd790af7b4.jpg

I want to see FT Gimbal protectors

You would need to be more specific. What model camera platform are you talking? Are you just looking for a branded gimble cover?

i was referring to Transmitter gimbal covers. for the DX6 and the X9D

LOL, I have no idea why I was thinking that kind of gimble.

I was invited here from a post in ft fans. Looking to see a single axis thrust vectoring motor mount. A simple conversion from the ft balsa plywood one will do fine.

So just a flat, glue together, printable replica of this?
That doesn't seem too hard to model out.

Yep, I'm willing to try it. I'm not a 3d modeler. I can do basics in tinkercad but that's about it. Thanks

FT210 Session mount?

Just throwing an idea out. :-)