What printers are people using?

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I have had a Malyan M180 from HobbyKing for just over a year. It has been incredibly difficult to find information about even the basics. As a result I have had several false starts but have recently got into it again. I have produced a diary of my journey from first switching on to getting the sort of print that is shown in the "Troubleshooting 3D prints" type websites. Others seem to have been able to get there immediately but I didn't. Did anybody else have the same problem? Is it worth me polishing up and publishing my diary?

Currently I have two printers a Flashforge Finder and a FLsun prusa i3. For anyone who is looking to get into 3D printing and dosn't mind the budget of the Finder I think it is a brilliant system and worked straight out of the box with very minor fiddling!! On the oposite side of the scale I just picked up a prusa i3 as a project for about half the price of the Finder. After about a month of toying with it on and off I still have only produced maybe 3 acceptable prints, but I bought it as a project to play with and customize which is half the fun of owning a 3D printer!

I bought a PrintrBot simple metal kit about 5 years ago and have been using it ever since. Its had a few issues over the years, replaced the board, and the z sensor at one point. But I love it. its been a great little work horse for me. though I wish it had a bigger bed than 6"x6".

The documentation for this printer was spot on, except for one part of the assembly instructions. Otherwise theres videos and guides for most of the basics.

Is there anything your trying to figure out right now for your printer? In general the basics should be about the same for any 3 axis printer, give or take some specific quirks.

Not everybody gets good quality right out of the box

I share your pain!

I picked up an XYZ De Vinci 1.0 utilizing their promotion of "buying a case of filament get the printer free" last month. I have printed a handful of small parts and pieces for FT planes and mini quads. I also have printed some small toys and trinkets for my daughter. Overall the printer has worked very well for me and with some trial and error I'm learning enough to be dangerous. I have only attempted prints of designs I've downloaded - not creating my own, yet. That said - I by no way consider myself an export - there is still a lot I don't understand.

I'm using an Anet A8. Perfect support on facebook, really cheap and really nice results out of the box, even without all the enhancements like belt tensioners, brackets and other stuff. So far I only changed the fan nozzle, added a fan to the PSU, because it gets really hot without it and not very safe and added a MOSFET for the heat bed to get some load away from the mainboard.
I'm really happy with my purchase!

Great news. It is very encouraging to hear that people are having success and with a variety of printers. I think I am on the road but seemed to have slipped on every banana skin going.

I'm using a qidi tech dual extruder, with simplify 3D software. Really happy with it for the money!

Delighted to hear it. I seem to have been unlucky. Everyone else seems to have had good results right out of the box. Good luck!

I have a robo 3d r1 plus and it's great... I didn't like it at first but now that I know a lot about troubleshooting and how to prevent jams, it's great... I just ordered the Tevo tarantula(for $200 I had to:) and I'll see how I like it

Let me know how you get on with the Tevo. I seem finally to be getting to grips with my Malyan thanks to Simplify3D. It is finally starting to become fun rather than frustrating.

I'm using a Maker Select v2. It's actually the same printer that Flite Test sells. It's just cheaper to buy it from Monoprice. I haven't really had any issues with it. I had a bit of trouble getting good bed adhesion, but I just moved the bed a bit closer to the extruder and slowed down the first layer. That's really the only trouble I've had. Were you just using PLA, or were you trying to print with something more exotic?


Same here, Maker Select V2 plus from Monoprice! Works right out of the box.

2nd on the Maker Select v2. Same good experience.
I found mine on Amazon Warehouse deals for $215 (returned). The only thing was it didn't come in the original box so I got lucky there.
Also pretty much the same printer as the WanHoa Duplicator i3
Check out this wiki for lots of good troubleshooting and upgrade ideas:

I have tried both PLA and ABS but am sticking to PLA until I get more experienced. I had the opposite problem to start with. The extruder was too close on the first layer. I'm glad you are having success.