Mini Arrow with pod on underneath?

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Hi, new here but was wondering what you all thought about a pod on the underneath of an arrow..
So what happened is my son made a arrow but like an idiot I told him he didn't need the pod because he has no fpv stuff and I don't share well.
Anyways, after he had it together and we started putting in the electronics we both hate the esc and battery just sitting there so I printed him a pod.
So at this point we had two options carefully cut away the foam to fit the pod or just start over. Then I got a crazy idea to just hang the pod underneath so I tried googling it and it doesn't seem like anyone has done it(or if the had the just aren't sharing) so I am wondering if this is a bad idea.


You should check out the FT VLOG008. They basically did this with a baby kraken.

You know I watched that and didn't even put two and two together. Thanks think I'll just do it and if it doesn't work out oh well right? At least we will have some fun

Go for it mate, I may try something if I get time over the weekend. I've been meaning to make a vertical stabilizer for a while too. I've seen it done before and there were great results in taming the yaw moment and steadying your fpv footage.