FT plane customization

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Designs and prints to add functionality or looks to preexisting flitetest foamie planes!!

Just added a laser-cut power-pod replacement for the FT flyer (would probably work for a couple other models.)

We are just learning ourselves, so we are pretty hard on the planes, and it seems the longest part was rebuilding the power pods, so I came up with (what I hope) is a much more survivable version. Initial flights have been very good (although a tad pitch sensitive, although that might have been balance...)

My first real design, so constrictive criticism is welcome (other than "Hey Dummy, You..."

The idea is to build a couple wing sections and with the tab/slot system you can replace a busted wing in the field in a minute. I tried to add some protection for the motor and battery (my friends aren't quite up to combat yet, but they will be.)

FT Flyer COMBAT Edition

My things are all Flite Test related so far. I have 9 FT planes all in various stages of construction, 5 finished, and for all I have either added something 3D printed or I am planning to. If anyone has any requests of things they want designed based on what I have done so far, let me know. Always looking for a challenge!

It needs to be trimmed to fit but should be more durable than poster board.

Cowlings for the mini Guinea are up! check them out:

FT mini Guinea Cowlings

Pretty cool stuff you have there FlyMike !

Thanks :D, I like you Octoprint case. If I upgrade to a Pi Mini I will definitely print one.

Thanks, appreciated.

My things are almost all FliteTest and or foamboard related. Nothing jaw dropping, but I am constantly using my servo clips, hole savers, skewer pushrods, and control horns for my builds. I experiment a lot.. I also have the mini and normal ft firewalls (though theirs a bunch out there by other makers).

Hi Toxic.
I have made a basic control horn to be used with foamies. It give more surface adhesion that the normal one you normally insert in a cut of the foam. The design is a bitty dirty though, i will update a parameterized version ASAP. See here :


RC control horn / Hinge

That looks like an interesting design! I like it! Do you have any photos of an actual print to upload? Possibly showing it installed in the foam?

I have recently been designing engine covers for the front of the seaduck's motor mounts. I was wondering if anyone else has designed small upgrades for any of the ft planes? Also debating starting to make similar cowlings for both the mini guinea and the mini corsair. Anyone have any other cowlings they would like to see?

I built a fuselage for my Tiny Trainer. Printed horns, firewalls and entire Power Pods. I think the idea of a cross between printed plastic and foam, using each depending on the part that is needed is a good approach. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2567177

Flitetest Tiny Trainer Fuselage