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After Changing to level Switch and Updating the FW Problems

by Celil27

so i decided to buy the level switch i just mount everthing like in the vids on youtube, but my printer wont be move to the bed no axis moving more...

here is a video link: https://youtu.be/y8QaDJqZmnA

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FLSUN QQ-s printing issues

by Knoxthenovis

My printer will not print well, there is an obvious change in the height from one side to the other, but the problem is solved when I print something that was sliced from another person. Does anyone know the recommended settings for repitier and or Cura engine for the FLsun QQ-s? The printer was not working, so I assumed it was a software issue and tested it with a flat plate which was sliced by another person. The other test worked, but when I kept the same settings and tried to print with my own cut prints, it just scraped the bed. Now I cannot even print the same test level from the other person. The printer is continuing to print the same exact way as it did with my prints as well. Does anyone have the recommended settings? Additionally, does anyone know of a reason why this is happening?

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Please help. Flsun delta

by 3dmike73

Well I have the unit up and running newest marlin on it but when I send anything to the printer it warms the plate and hot end then just sits in the middle of the plate and the extruder shoots filament all over the place, no movement of the effector at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'd love to see this project Ter work.

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by Kayelo

Just wanted to update everyone on a few changes I made recently to my Flsun Delta. My Ultimaker style printer has been getting all the love lately from my art projects because of it's quality and the delta has been sitting idle. On a whim I ordered some spare nozzles and put a 0.8 on the delta and tuned it to high speed. After some fiddling I now have them side by side, one for quality and one for prototyping. The delta (at 90 print speed with .2 layers and 0.8 nozzle) will generally do something in about an hour or less that the other printer (40 print, .1 height and a 0.2 nozzle) will do in about 6 to 8 hours. It's not a 1 to 1 comparison but that's not what I was really going for.

For large art pieces it's great to get a rough draft printed in less than a quarter of the time to test various physical aspects before committing to a all-day or multiple-day high-quality print (that's a lot of hyphens, right?) and I've found for a lot of things, especially things that the surface quality doesn't matter so much for or things that are going to be sanded and finished anyway many don't need to go the the quality pinter.

Anyway, happy printing :)

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Problems with flsun Delta

by Kayelo

Anyone got any experience with flsun Delta? I picked one up as a second printer cause I wanted to try out the delta design and so far I cannot get a single tune out of this trombone. Took forever to get it even vaguely level, and had to give up on the auto level altogether. But even worse whenever I put any filament through it it extrudes fine for a short while then clogs and I have to disassemble the head to remove the filament. It seems to be jamming between the heat break and the heat sink, theres a bit of space between them and then filament always seems to expand into there and harden. My fans are working fine. I've not touched the printer in days because I got in another kit I ordered (Ultimaker clone) and it was up and running beautifully within days so now I'm turning back to the flsun to see if I can get it working or should I scrap it for parts.

Help me Obi Wan, your my only hope...

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