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FLSUN CUBE Cura settings

by Toxophilist

Just in the process of building my FLSUN CUBE 3D Printer, and am going through the instructions (Yeah I know a novelty for a bloke), all seems straight forward. this is a huge upgrade from my old Anet A8, and in stability of the bed alone I am looking forward to getting it going.

My question is; I am used t working with CURA, I understand it, love that it's intuitive but there is no printer in the list for the FLSUN CUBE Printer other than the Q and QQ ... Does anyone have a close as to which of the many printers in CURA is the equivalent, or have all the custom CURA settings I could pinch please?

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Printing Issues

by Coslitro

Hi, I'm having some issues with my printer. The Z Probe seems to be working just fine. Homing,is working, and i can auto-level just fine. However, as soon as I start a print the bed will raise past the z probe activation and into the hot end. The printer continues to print while dragging the hotend against the tape on the print bed.

I feel like I should be adjusting a Z height or a z index of some sort, but I don't see a setting anywhere.

Does anyone have any ideas what setting I should be changing or can someone point me towards an article that would be awesome.

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Z Issues?

by Coslitro

Hi There,

Was hoping I could get some advice as to what I might be missing in my config. My Z probe seems to be working fine. It leaves about .5 mm gap between the extruder and the print bed. However, if I start printing, the printer will go past that and start scraping against the tape. I've attached my configuration.h file. I tried setting the HOTEND_OFFSET_Z to .6 and that did absolutely nothing. So I'm guessing I might just be more noob than I know. If someone could point me to an article or give me some advice that would be awesome!


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help needed

by ninja1

I need the firmware for flsun cube chimera extruder and auto bed leveling as mine is corrupt

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