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Nebie question - how good is this printer?

by VRF201


3D Printer newbie here.

Looking at the FLSUN delta printer as a way to get started in 3d printing (yes going big), but I like the way it looks.


Couple of questions:

  1. Quality of the parts?
  2. Understand the board is big (does it fit under the plate with the heated bed?)
  3. Is the print quality pretty good or just so-so (I know it will need some adjustments - a lot!)
  4. How is FLSUN's support?
  5. Will it print on ABS, Wood?

Thanks to all that reply!


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Assembly Timelapse

by bfulton

Here's a timelapse I did unboxing and assembling the FLSUN Kossel 3d printer:

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New to 3D printing

by Dan_B

I ordered a FLSun Kossel and I'm waiting impatiently for it to be delivered. I hope if I have problems this will be a group to turn to for answers.
I have read on FB problems associated with these printers. I hope that those are the exceptions rather than the rule.
D. B.

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by geobruce

Group for everyone with a FLSUN kossel
Also see the facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FLSUN3DP/
and the wiki: https://github.com/FLSun3dp/FLSun-Kossel-Mini/wiki

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