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by CaptainMakeAlot

I don't have one of these but I'm seriously looking to buy one. My only issue at the moment is whether there is much ringing in the prints. This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zznhFx8aKwo shows a print with heaps of bad ringing and I was wondering if this is common or just his settings?

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Autolevel Problems and other questions

by FuyuhikoDate

Hey guys,
so i get yesterday a FLSUN Cube by a friend who never really used it, he only made two prints with it and then never again. Now its mine :)

So after setting everything up i got pretty confused...
my previous printer was an geetech i3 clone where i found a lot of stuff and help but for the flsun its like.. "yeah there is a printer... end!"

So here are my questions that appeared since yesterday so far:

  • Right now this is the most important question for me:
    How do i configure the autolevel bed sensore correctly? my friend printed at least the calibration cube. when i do it, it prints in the air >_>

  • where can i check which and what kind of firmware this printer is using?
    Usually i am greeted with something like "marlin v X.X.X" or can see in the about section something about it... for the FLSUN there is absotlutly no information on the printer itself.
  • is there Marlin for the FLSUN?
  • If yes: can i use it with the touchscreen? also, is there any prepared version for the cyclops?
  • last but not least: does flsun have something like an official homepage or forum or something, where i can find more information / manuals?only found a (official???) facebook group. Unfortunatally i dont use facebook (and don't intend to do it)
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bl touch + kimera + leveling problem

by 89stefano89

hi, i've seen many people use a bl touch with the cube. i have one bl touch for an other printer, but wich firmware must i use for the cube+kimera+bltouch?

i have some problem with the leveling, i use a glas bed but i have see that the center is always higer! i think the bar flex a little is it possible?

thanks to all

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Cube Tool/nozzle change tries to move out of print area.

by Vinos88

Hello guys and girls,

I've been playing around with th Cube Chimera for a while now and keep running into the same one problem...
When using Cura 4.0 after printing 1st layer with nozzle 1 and switching to nozzle 2, the printer want's to go "home" again for calibration I guess, and that's not the problem... the problem is that it ignores the end stop completely and try to move out of the print area, this happens in a friction of a second so you don't even have the time to unplug but because the gear slips on the belt when this happens the print continues in a complete different area on the build plate.
This only happens on layer 1 after that it doesn't try to go out of boundaries.
I tried checking the G-Code but I can't find a M121 code or a X-.. command.
Ohw yes it only happens in X direction....
I hope someone can help me out with this one because Cura setting X20 Y20 as end code for tool change didn't fix it, it moves to X20 and Y20 and slams the extruder straight through it's end stop after that move.

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Extruder heater problem

by Richard_N

I am having a problem with the extruder not heating properly. I tried to heat it to 200C and it reached 60C then shut off with the message that it was taking too long. Well, it was taking too long because there is a fan on the extruder blowing full speed, of course it wont heat to 200C. So I unplugged the fan and it reached 200C in about 2 minutes. But then I got a 'thermal runaway' message. FLSUN Tech support in nearly useless, they don't seem to understand English. So it seems to me that a fan blowing on the extruder (with cooling fins) is not right. What is the purpose of the fan and more importantly how to resolve this obstacle? Thanks.

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