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bl touch + kimera + leveling problem

by 89stefano89

hi, i've seen many people use a bl touch with the cube. i have one bl touch for an other printer, but wich firmware must i use for the cube+kimera+bltouch?

i have some problem with the leveling, i use a glas bed but i have see that the center is always higer! i think the bar flex a little is it possible?

thanks to all

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Klipper Config File

by Greenblurr93

Anyone have a good config file for the klipper firmware? I have it all flashed and would make my life a ton easier to have a known good starting point.


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Core XY

by nebula39

I have upgraded my cube to a core xy printer. When i changed my Marlin firmware I have a problem. Y axis is saying it is triggered all the time. I have unplugged the end stop for the y axis and get the same error.
does anyone have any ideas for me?

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New Owner... Lots of lurking to come (probably questions too :)

by amidemon

Just thought I'd say hello. I had a FLSUN Cube given to me recently. A friend had it for over a year, but never got the quality of prints he wanted. Somewhere along the line he did something that made him think he fried the motherboard. He ordered another one, but couldn't get the firmware to load. After a week or so of failed attempts to revive it, he sent the motherboard back and told me the printer was free to a good home. I'm fairly new to 3d printing. I have a Tevo Tarantula that I bought about 4 months ago. I have been happy with it. Especially after several upgrades, such as aluminum brackets, layer fan, dual Z, and a mosfet. I have looked over the Cube I now have, and think his print quality issues were likely due to assembly. I think some careful re-assembly and adjustment will take care of a lot. At this time I am waiting for a new motherboard to arrive. I tried several times to load Marlin on the original, but it wasn't happening. The firmware will be my weak spot. I have very little experience setting up Marlin. However, in order to learn we have to start at the beginning. Please feel free to share any tips with me that you feel are worth mentioning. Thanks

FLSUN_Cube new
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Driver problems

by OV-10A

Just finished the construction and am trying to get to the first print. I'm using a laptop (Toshiba Satelite L850 ) with Win 7.
Having problems with the driver install and following the instructions included don't seem to work 4 me. I can see the driver copied to Sys32-drivers but keep getting a install fail msg and as the printer dosn't recognize the driver I cannot connect the printer.


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