Core XY

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I have upgraded my cube to a core xy printer. When i changed my Marlin firmware I have a problem. Y axis is saying it is triggered all the time. I have unplugged the end stop for the y axis and get the same error.
does anyone have any ideas for me?

Alternatively, plug the switch back in and trigger it. if you get the opposite results for both states, it confirms what A3duino says, but without the risk of shorting out the board while jumpering the pins.

With the switch plugged in it still thinks it is triggered. Whether I trigger the switch or not. It is only seeing one state and that is triggered.

Sure sounds like a problem with the firmware. That's still a bit beyond my skill set though.

Yes, that is a safer and easier way!

It might be set for a normally open switch. Try putting a jumper across where the switch plugs in, if the Y axis shows that it is no longer triggered, then the board or software is set for a normally open instead of a normally closed switch.

Ok,I fixed the end stop problem, now I am having a problem with the start up. The bed heats up and then it goes to zero out the axis but once that happens the bed starts going all the way down. The Z axis says 5 on the screen while it is going also.