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Y carriage plate dimensions and hole spacing?

by Luciananuta

Hello, my original Y carriage developed a bend and the leveling is very difficult. I want to replace it with an aluminium one but I can not find the right dimensions for my printer witch is Flsun i3 Plus 300x300.
Anyone knows from where I can get one? Thank you

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Quick question for FLSUN i3 3D printer. X moves in one direction

by BillMeister

My FLSUN just started acting up. Now I cannot move the X axis, using Repetier Host or direct controller, to move the X carriage to the left. If I initiate a an X-Home action, it will move a bit then move further right. Now when I remove everything and try to move the X carriage using the controller only, it will not step to the left but maybe 1mm at most. I trigger it to move 10mm and it will just barely jog to the left. Select move to the right, and it'll move the appropriate distance to the right, 1mm or 10mm's. But moving to the left is no longer effective. I'm assuming that I've killed the stepper driver. What do you think?

Thank you,

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Marlin 1.18 for Flsun i3Plus

by Promitheusaudio

Has anyone upgraded their Marlin to the latest 1.18 version for the larger Flsun model (300x300x420) with the touchscreen and autobed leveling?

if so can you share your configuration files please.


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Dual fans

by ScootiePuff

I've been considering adding a second fan on the hotend and there are several files for printing a mount for this, but how would I connect the second fan to the board? The first fan is plugged in the "always working" slot on this diagram, would the second fan then go in the other 2-pin slot on the upper left side, or would I need to get an adapter or upgrade the board in order to do this?
also, what changes would I need to make in the firmware? Thank you.

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New to auto levelling.


Hi all,

i bought a flsun Prusa second hand, well, actually it is brandnew, the guy didn't understand anything of it so it is unused :-)
I had a printer before but i'm completely new to the self levelling function and there is nothing included with the printer that can help me on the way.
I checked all the cables and they seem fine.
Just the sensor wasn't connected, as i have seen from pictures on google it goes in the place where the z-endstop goes right ?
I loved Repetier so i would like to use it again.

When i home all with Repetier this happens :

  • X homes correctly.
  • Y goes the wrong way, i changed it in repetier but it has no effect.
  • Z does nothing at all.

I already seen here that i have to Home all on the printer itself. If i do that the extruder smashes to the plate and doesn't stop.

Any advice for me ?

Thx in advance...

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