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best direct drive carriage to print???

by DrBlackross

i have a LD-002r and have printed a few carriages for my flsun i3...

this i love
(very solid carriage)

i really like this design smooth and solid and you can adjust the 3rd wheel, BUT i can't find a direct drive option anywhere

i have a few hot ends, a e3d v5, e3d v6 and a micro swiss... i have bought 3 different conversion kits on amazon but all have the belt attachments on the underside (best thing about them is i get rollers)

the LD-002r does a great job at printing parts for my flsun i3 clone (pictures are from the ld-002r), its now running the beta of this plate with belt locks.

i am not a good modeler (like i can make squares and spheres), but as far as merging two different models together i might be able too, but in linux my modeling programs are limited

does anyone know of direct drive option for the flsun i3 that is a model to print?

FLSUN i3 (2017) X Limit Switch Holder
Flsun i3 (2017) 3 Wheel X Carriage
Tevo Tarantula Modular X Car Basic, e3d 2x
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Upgrading C5 I3 to use Big Tree SKR E3 Mini.

by richexs

Any one upgraded their 300X300X450 I3 to use the Big Tree Tech SKR Mini E3 Ver. 2 main board?

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Firmware not working as planned

by Syncmanatl

used flsun I3.no sd card. 300x300x450mm. Just managed to install Marlin. 1.1.9 MKS GENL V1 board. All steppers going wrong direction and z wont go higher than about 100mm. bed moves very little too. Absolutely NO movement from Repertier Hos even tho it says connected. . All from LCD. 1mm movement on screen actually moves about 10. select 10mm down on Z axis will drive the hot end right down into the bed. About 100mm. Where can I make these corrections?

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Marlin 1.18 for Flsun i3Plus

by Promitheusaudio

Has anyone upgraded their Marlin to the latest 1.18 version for the larger Flsun model (300x300x420) with the touchscreen and autobed leveling?

if so can you share your configuration files please.


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need help for upgrade marlin

by viktorio

Hello! I have flsun i3 old version. I dont use this printer 2 years
on printer installed marlin 1.1.0
how to update marlin?
I also do not have firmware
please post firmware

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