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DRV8825 on the MKS GEN-L 1.0 board?

by paulmsam

Any one have any knowledge on the DRV8825 drivers for the MKS GEN-L 1.0 boards?

I am looking at making my machine quieter, and not sure if they are compatible, and if its a plug and play situation?

Thank you :)

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I3 300x300 y carriage file

by paulmsam

Hey All :)

So my acrylic plate of the Y carriage has bent and distorted.

Has any one go a file for me that I can go and get a new one laser cut out of metal? Its for the 300x 300 bed size and I cant seem to find one anywhere.

Thank you :)

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Glass is must-have [video]

by vovcacik

so I finally got myself a piece of glass for printing and it is great and easy.

First print with it - https://youtu.be/zgSvb29gHm8

  • it is 3 mm thick sheet of glass (non-tempered afaik) for about $10 from local glazier's shop
  • to get 70 °C on surface I need to set 85-100 °C in controller
  • filament is PLA @ 200 °C
  • the proximity sensor can't sense the metal underneath the glass, so razor blade saves the day
  • this particular 3D model is simple but tricky to print - it was warping when printed on bare heated bed and even on painter's tape

tldr - you need to buy yourself piece of glass asap

flsun_i3 glass PLA
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Physical setup

by Xs4eyes

Anyone have a nice setup they want to show off?
All of the stock pictures dont show wiring, of course. I have my electronics towards the back. Im printing ABS now ans the air movement from those fans is causing lifting and splitting issues due to uneven cooling. I will be making a box to place the printer in and electronics on the outside, but more ideas would be great.

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did someone try TFT firmware update ?

by TMesple

Hello flsun users fellows.

On its github file repository, MKS is regularly updating the firmware.

Did someone try to update the tft firmware?
I suppose we loose the flsun logo at startup, but is there other side effect ?

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