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Marlin latest firmware for Flsun Prusa i3 C 2017

by NickJordan

has anyone upgraded their firmware on their prusa i3? the one with 200x200x220 and aluminum extrusions

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Marlin 1.18 for Flsun i3Plus

by Promitheusaudio

Has anyone upgraded their Marlin to the latest 1.18 version for the larger Flsun model (300x300x420) with the touchscreen and autobed leveling?

if so can you share your configuration files please.


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Flsun c plus bed leveling tilted

by rainito

Hi to all i have an flsun c plus with mks gen l board, tmc2208 for the axis and lv8729 for the extruders. I use a bltouch as probe and the firmware is marlin 2.0.x bugfix. I use bilinear sistem with 4 point grid. The problem is when i do the g29 command. I have the left side of the bed with the nozzle too far fro the bed and in the right side the nozzle is too close to the bed. I see the z axis motor move the z axis to the right direction for compensate the leveling but it seems not enough. Anyone can help me?

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I3 dual auto touch firmware

by Rob81

Hi all,

Does anyone have working firmware for the i3 dual auto touch? I've got a replacement board (same MKS board) and I need firmware to get it running.
The stock firmware would be great.


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BT7272A Marlin Firmware

by sirukin

So, I've noticed that there isn't much exposure for what differentiates the BT7272A board supplied with the FLSUN Prusa i3 and the more common Ramps 1.4 Plus board.

If you've attempted to use the Arduino IDE to upgrade your FLSUN Prusa clone using various instructions available on the internet you won't be able to get it running. You'll find that the LCD stops working or displays junk, not to worry. You haven't suddenly changed over to Klingon.

This is basically because the Marlin firmware does not have a compatible configuration with the firmware configuration supplied on the SDcard. The sdcard and by extension the board by default is running an older version of Marlin. That older version used a different way of configuring things.

So, after a bit of searching I found this. https://github.com/RobAltenburg/Marlin

The guy forked the latest Marlin firmware for his BT7272A board and LCD display. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out of the box. So, after a bit of trial and error I found the source of the compilation errors. Basically, the configuration cahnges were not pointing to the right abstracted configuration file.

Here's my update which should work right away: https://github.com/hominidae/Marlin

You'll still need to follow the Marlin compilation and follow build instructions but you'll still need to change the various board specific configuration parameters to match the BT7272A board. (Which you will now conveniently have a configuration file for.)

As the main Marlin firmware has recently released a bunch of changes, I'll check it later to see that it still compiles correctly soon and I will post an update with what I find to get my FLSUN 3d printer running the latest Marlin firmware.

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