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Replacement for Wheels?

by MecannibalVector

Hi All,

After digging into my 2 i3's pretty deeply over the last month I've come to the conclusion that one of the biggest generators of artifacts, be they banding, salmon skin, irregularities, in the X and Z directions is the wheels shipped with these kits. They are unfortunately cheap and not manufactured to the highest standards. About what you'd expect given the price. I've actually had to get FLSun to ship me a bag of replacements because of this, but only a few in the entire bag were near being 'true'.

Has anyone had any luck with replacing these from a 3rd party? I've seen Delrin wheels (well, supposedly Delrin) on AliExpress, but has anyone tried them? Any good?

I have a redesigned carriage system I'd like to publish that greatly improves X and Z rigidity, but the wheels are doing the same thing they have on every carriage I've tried and caused it to move in ways it shouldn't.

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FLSUN Prusa i3+ Large print end stops not homing (SOLVED)

by lordofnightmares

Hi everyone

I'm finally reaching out regarding an issue im having with my printer among many that have with this printer, so far i've corrected many. One problem thats persists regardless of me using the marlin software provided from FLSUN. I'm using this printer as a single extruder machine, and when I request auto home on all axis they all work excluding the X axis. Even when I request only the X axis to home it moves a couple of inches towards the end stop and stops never nearing the the endstop. If any one can point out where the problem is and how to correct it, it would be much appreciated.


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Troubleshooting a printing problem....

by jdplus3

In this video, I troubleshoot a printing problem. Maybe it will help someone.

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what is the amperige of flsun 300 x 300 heatedbed?

by Seme

I wonder if anyone have meassured ampperidge or wattage of 300 x 300 mm heatedbed
I'm trying to calculate wire thicknes for bed it is 4 mm2 from factory. it feels little thick I think.
thank you for thinkering this with me.

electronics flsun FLsun_2017 FLSUN_Cube flsun_i3 Heated_Bed kitchen math
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Current issues with FLSUN printer

by psemeq

If you have any problem the printer - shoot.

For me - my PSU works only for limited time - it stops on second print - I've upgreaded it server PSU, and now it works fine.

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