Replacement for Wheels?

by MecannibalVector

Hi All,

After digging into my 2 i3's pretty deeply over the last month I've come to the conclusion that one of the biggest generators of artifacts, be they banding, salmon skin, irregularities, in the X and Z directions is the wheels shipped with these kits. They are unfortunately cheap and not manufactured to the highest standards. About what you'd expect given the price. I've actually had to get FLSun to ship me a bag of replacements because of this, but only a few in the entire bag were near being 'true'.

Has anyone had any luck with replacing these from a 3rd party? I've seen Delrin wheels (well, supposedly Delrin) on AliExpress, but has anyone tried them? Any good?

I have a redesigned carriage system I'd like to publish that greatly improves X and Z rigidity, but the wheels are doing the same thing they have on every carriage I've tried and caused it to move in ways it shouldn't.

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FLSUN Prusa i3+ Large print end stops not homing (SOLVED)

by lordofnightmares

Hi everyone

I'm finally reaching out regarding an issue im having with my printer among many that have with this printer, so far i've corrected many. One problem thats persists regardless of me using the marlin software provided from FLSUN. I'm using this printer as a single extruder machine, and when I request auto home on all axis they all work excluding the X axis. Even when I request only the X axis to home it moves a couple of inches towards the end stop and stops never nearing the the endstop. If any one can point out where the problem is and how to correct it, it would be much appreciated.


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Troubleshooting a printing problem....

by jdplus3

In this video, I troubleshoot a printing problem. Maybe it will help someone.

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what is the amperige of flsun 300 x 300 heatedbed?

by Seme

I wonder if anyone have meassured ampperidge or wattage of 300 x 300 mm heatedbed
I'm trying to calculate wire thicknes for bed it is 4 mm2 from factory. it feels little thick I think.
thank you for thinkering this with me.

electronics flsun FLsun_2017 FLSUN_Cube flsun_i3 Heated_Bed kitchen math
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Current issues with FLSUN printer

by psemeq

If you have any problem the printer - shoot.

For me - my PSU works only for limited time - it stops on second print - I've upgreaded it server PSU, and now it works fine.

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SKR boards anyone?

by Elloel

Buddy who is new to printing picked up an FLSUNi3 and blew his board when heating the print bed... he subsequently picked up an SKR 32 bit and stspin820 drivers (not knock offs byt real pololu drivers) and i was wondering if anyone has used onf of these before? im being KIND of lazy in htat im not really looking forward to spending time deciphering smoothie and the config file (and even the firmware) seems corrupted and the seller is not replying to his request for a good working version of both files. So, does anyone have a smoothie config file thet they are willing to share? i can github the firmware. like i said just not looking forward to digging in but i dont want my buddy to end up tossing out more cash for more boards.

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New motherboard


I am trying to put the marlin firmware on to a new motherboard a makebase mks l gen v1.0 but for some reason I can’t load it on the flsun Facebook page I was told that I need to load a booloader before I can install the firmware any help would be a great help thanks

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FLSUN I3 Plus 2017 - First Impressions

by sttal

So about one month ago I got my FLSUN i3 plus 2017 kit. It is not my first kit (got an Anet A8) and as so this is coming from someone who has a bit of experience with kits and fixing things.

Regarding the flsun kit is a very cheap and almost complete kit. I say ALMOST cause there is one piece that you'll have at least to get that being a blower fan and support for it. I tried to print without it and overhangs fail. If you have one of this and can print a benchy with a good front without the blower fan please ping me.
Also missing, regarding tools, is one of those flush cutters that usually comes with printers
Lastly, but most important, I don't know how hard it is to include a handful of crimp connectors or the cables that go to the PSU pre crimped. This is just basic safety.

In my kit there was a defective screw that binds the extruder gear to the shaft. After talking with the seller they provided to send me a free replacement gear and screw.

The assembly instructions for a cheap china kit are far from perfect but still coming from an ANET A8 this ones are alot better to understand. This is by no means as easy as a Creality CR10.

Regarding the "extras" that are usually shown as options in sites like Gearbest, ebay, or aliexpress there is options for touch screen, autolevel sensor and cyclops/chimera hotends.
My suggestion is for basic stuff just get the autolevel sensor, if you want a dual extruder you could get the cyclops/chimera. The touch screen is like very optional as in fact it even has less functions than other screens. This is due to the fact that the touch screen is different board altogether that sends commands to the main printer board. It has its own firmware.

When it comes to printing that's when you will have problems if are not experienced with 3d printers. The default Marlin configuration that comes on the firmware just sucks. If you slice a model with a slicer that doesn't set acceleration, jerk and some other settings it will use the printer defaults that are awful.
The easy way to set it working is to use Cura 3.1.0 and choose the CR10 4S and modify things like bed size, offsets, retraction and speeds.
The hard way, that I still haven't done due to lack of time, is to flash marlin with my own custom settings.
TBH I didn't try to use the slicer and software that comes on sdcard because usually that versions are old as hell and my preferred slicer is cura. Also I distrust the origin of the software as I'm mindful of security reasons

Also on my TODO list it to install the dual extruder. Another problem that I can predict with this is that you are unable to mount the sensor and the blower fan with the new carriage for dual extruder. For the sensor you can find a solution that you can print but then again reconfigure marlin sensor position values. For the blower+dual extruder there is one item that you can also print but in my opinion is just not good enough.

So after installing a blower fan with v3 clone it printed just a great test benchy and some other small prints. I'll be further configuring and testing this printer.

flsun flsun3d flsun_i3
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Flsun I3 C Plus kit - new builder

by RichK

I got some money for Christmas and bought an Flsun C Plus dual extruder/auto level/touch screen kit. Haven't put it together yet, though. Anything I need to know? I already built a Mendel90 from scratch several years ago so I have SOME experience building 3D printers but I am a bit rusty and never used an auto leveling system or a dual extruder system before, nor do I have any experience with Chinese kits. I figured it wouldn't be a simple "plug 'n' play", but will I likely have to modify it heavily to get it to work? I wanted something with a bigger build area and dual extruder capability (my Mendel90 only runs a single E3D-V6 from a Melzi board, and has a 200 x 200 build plate).

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