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Firmware FLSUN QQ new update

by DavidDamian

Hola añado las ultimas versiones de firmware para la FLSUN QQ y FLSUN QQ S.
Espero os sirva de ayuda.

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Finally got the settings dialed in - no more stringing

by brainwash

All my prints for the past months suffered from stringing. I finally got some time (winter) to play with the printer settings and found out the right balance.
Shortcut: 7mm retraction, 90mm/s retraction speed, 60mm/s prime.
I've got coasting active (Cura beta feature), Z-hop is off (it doesn't improve anything), travel speed 200m/s, printing speed 60mm/s.
I've used the same settings with PLA (+), PETG and ABS, they all worked.

Rough settings: no support, minimize retractions, 0.2mm layer height, 0.3mm first layer.

For PLA+ the temperature used was 185C + 60C for the bed.
PETG: 220C + 75C for the bed (65 should also work).
ABS: 230C + 87C. I used some glue stick and it worked fine for adhesion, no other treatments. Raft: 15mm margin, 0.3mm gap, 0.25mm thickness, 60mm/s speed.

For PLA and PETG no further bed treatment was needed, just some cleaning with alcohol from time to time. For thin parts, I use the same raft settings as above.
Basically, except for temperature I don't adjust any other settings when changing materials. Support and rafts are activated when needed.
60mm/s is a bit rough, I sometimes lower the feed rate through OctoPrint, or raise it.

I will try to attach my Cure profiles if anyone is interested, they look almost perfect, given the limitations of the printer (X-Y wobble at high speed/backlash): no stringing, no blobbing, no sagging on overhangs, decent detail.
I haven't tried threads yet with the new setting, that's still something that needs to be tweaked.

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Manual de usuario

by Ysidor

Alguien tiene o sabe donde encontrar el manual de usuario en PDF ???.


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Pause prints (m600 not working?)

by mrstoned

I got the Flsun qq-s with mks robin nano and 2.0.7

I tried the colorchange pause in prusaslicer which generates a M600

G1 Z1.200 F7800.000
G1 E2.28810 F2400.00000
G92 E0
G1 X-21.336 Y-1.755 F7800.000

It does not pause at this tho.
Anyone else that can verify if the M600 works or not on their machine?

Manually pause bya the lcd works.
It's just not as acurate as i dont know exact where it changes layers.

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First Layer Bed Adhesion Issues

by NoremacG98

Hey everyone! Just a quick question, any help would be greatly appreciated. I've had some issues with getting a good first layer sticking to the bed, it will usually start printing the outline then end up dragging it behind it or something as it goes. I've done multiple bed levels with the auto leveling feature as well as made manual adjustments to the level through the settings. Nothing has seemed to work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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