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Carbon-Fiber PLA

by stephanheinemann


I was wondering if anybody has already tried to print carbon-fiber filaments with the FLSUN QQ. According to:


a hardened steel nozzle is recommended due to the abrasive nature of carbon-fiber filaments.
My questions are the following:

(1) Can anybody recommend a suitable nozzle that has been used successfully with the FLSUN QQ for carbon-fiber prints?
(2) Can auto-leveling be skipped having a hardened steel nozzle with exactly the same dimensions as the provided brass nozzles?
(3) How does auto-leveling work with a hardened steel nozzle on the FLSUN QQ? (Conductivity of hardened steel versus brass)
(4) Can the hardened steel nozzle be used for PLA as well or does it have to be changed when switching between filament types? (Heat conductivity)

Thanks in advance,

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Nivelacion de cama irregular en las zonas exteriores

by jtarifa

Pues eso, loco estoy ya varios dias, si ajusto el z en el centro se imprime de lujo, pero si la impresion es digamos de una base de 10 cm de diametro se empieza a ver como al imprimir por el exterior la boquilla se levanta y baja como si fueran los tipicos tiovivos de la feria que los caballos al mismo tiempo que giran suben y bajan. De esa forma no hay forma de ajustar el z. El chino consultado me ha dicho que la diferencia de altura del z entre el centro de la cama y el exterior se modifica con el comando "M665 Rxx.xx" y si parece que hace efecto pero..... no soluciona nada del efecto tiovivo.

Intento calibrar de nuevo, (unas 1000 trillones de veces ya) colocando la plataforma de calibracion sobre el cristal y sigue igual, levantando y bajando unas decimas. Ya pienso que podria ser algo relacionado con alguna medida en los endstop que no e sla correcta y por eso al hacer un circulo y variar la altura de cada brazo no lo hace paralelo y a la misma distancia de la cama.

Alguien con alguna idea sobre esto?

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FLSun QQ software/firmware issues

by jsprowl

I received my FLSun QQ on Friday evening (10/26) and I’m having major problems printing using Simplify3D over USB using my laptop. I find printing with only the SD card to be very inconvenient and not a good option for me. I have not updated my firmware for the WiFi connection as I do not need that option at the moment. My main slicer choice is Simplify3D using PLA+ and while I have my settings nicely tuned, I keep getting an error saying “Echo:Busy: Paused for user” which I cannot get past. There are no messages showing on the printer LCD to respond to (screen doesn’t change from when printing to when error happens), and I can’t get past this message to continue the print with any commands in Simplify3D. I also tried printing with Cura (not terribly experienced with this program) and while I didn’t see an error message, my prints all stop at random times there as well. This has happened on every print I have attempted when connected to my laptop, sometimes after a few minutes, an hour, it’s always random. It has ruined every print I’ve attempted this way and wasted a lot of filament. Did you encounter anything like this?

Troubleshooting so far:

•I’m sure my cables and USB aren’t a problem because I still use them on my other printer. I have tried multiple cables and USB ports. Baud rates all match.

•I currently have not enabled the WiFi or updated the mainboard Marlin firmware

•I had read that the “Blip fan power to 100%” option in Simplify3D can cause this issue, so I disabled that option, but it still did not fix the problem.

•I keep seeing the M600 command can cause a pause in the prints but I’m not sure why this would come up now and never on my previous machine. My other machine does not have an LCD (needed for M600). My LCD never shows a prompt for any user input though.

•I’ve read that the auto-level sensor can sometimes get triggered on different printers, causing a pause. I don’t think it should happen on this QQ since it has an inductive/conductive auto-level sensor I believe.

•With a lot of back-and-forth on my laptop/Simplify3D/SD card, I got a part loaded onto the SD card and printed the entire part successfully. While very happy with the results, I still find this a far inferior method to printing using my laptop and Simplify3D when connected via USB.

Possible help?

•Latest Marlin firmware for the QQ with M600 disabled? Is this possible?

•Does the WiFi have to be enabled to get past these errors? I don’t see how this would fix it.

Thanks for ANY help you guys can offer!

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Linear Rod Carrier problems

by jsprowl

I continue to have a problem with the belts coming loose out of the linear rod carriers that attach with a small part with teeth and a plate to keep it inserted. The insert part with the teeth does not seem to squeeze the belts hard enough to prevent them from getting pulled out of the carriers and causing massive failures and damage to other parts of the machine. What can I do to fix this? Do I need to add a shim or spacer to the carrier somehow? Once I get this figured out, I will be very impressed by the machine but this has continued to happen since I got the machine. I appreciate any suggestions you all can offer!

belts Belt_Tensioner flsun flsun-qq flsun_qq problem
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FLSun QQ Calibration

by kmxsoft

I've replaced thecontrol board in my QQ to an MKS 1.4 with Marlin 1.1.9. All working great but the XYZ calibration is miles out. Print 100mm in any direction and the print measures about 70mm.

I'm new to this situation and was expecting to adjust figures in Marlin's configuration.h. I think I'd be looking at adjusting the following:

  • Default Axis Steps Per Unit (steps/mm)
  • Override with M92
  • X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]]
    // variables to calculate stepsi


    define XYZ_MICROSTEPS 16

    define XYZ_BELT_PITCH 2

    define XYZ_PULLEY_TEETH 16

Other sources on the Internet suggest calibrating with M92 commands. Whilst I'm fine wih that, I'm slightly concerned that the changes required for adjusting an axis are so significant (e.g. converting 70mm to 100mm will be a big change - needing a change of some 40%). I was kinda expecting to tinker with values as per fine tuning, whereas making a huge change is hardly fine tuning.

Am I worrying unnecessarily?

calibration flsun_qq
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