Cura 4 profile for QQ-S?

by curso


Did someone has a working base Cura 4 profile?



cura cura_profile cura_settings Flsun_qq-s
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Hey there! Quick question for all of you

by NoremacG98

Hey everyone, I’ve been keeping my eye on this printer for a while now, mainly because of the price but I’m still kind of on the fence. I figured I would ask you all what you think of the printer so far and maybe any tips if I decide to get it. Thanks for your time!

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Updated Marlin 2.0 for FLSun QQ

by NightStorm1000


I wanted to share a newer Firmware for the QQ.

This Version has LIN_Advance und UBL activated.

It will only work if you ditch that shitty MKS TFT Display in favor of a RepRapDiscount Full Graphics Display.
More about this in the README

For Calibration and Bed Leveling its best not to use the Leveling Plate. Because it adds around a 1mm to the resulting Values.
Get yourself some Conductive Cloths from Aliexpress and Stick them on the Bed itself. Much better Results.
This way you also free up the USB. Because you can tuck the Corners of the Cloth under the Bed where it hits ground.



FLSUN FLSUN_QQ linear_advance Marlin Marlin 2.0 marlin_2 UBL Update
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Adding glass bed to FLSun QQ -- recommendations, please

by wsterdan

I've been using the FLSun QQ since Christmas and am very, very happy with it. The black matte printing surface is starting to breakdown though (small tears) and I notice the new model has a glass bed. Is it possible to purchase the glass bed for my printer, and is it similar to Anycubic's Ultrabase? Is it possible to use the Anycuibic 240mm Ultrabase with this printer? I assume I'd lose the 20mm of diameter print area, but I have the Ultrabase on my Anycubic i3 Mega and absolutely love it. Other than that, I assume I could use any of the 260mm Borosilicate glass beds? Any recommendations?

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QQ Firmware Update

by TheTangoPapa

Hey QQ users,

i want to update my firmware, but i dont know which board the QQ uses, so i can´t realy connect to the printer via Marlin IDE. Does anyone know which motherboard is used in the QQ?

Or even better give me a tutorial for updating the firmware, i´m an absolute beginner in this area.

Thanks in advance!

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New nozzles

by nate08

Does anyone happen to know of exactly what nozzles the qq uses or a place to order replacement parts?

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bushing on rear tower blocking

by muletaker

I have a fairly new QQ, printed about a pound of PLA. When on the last layer of the (last) print it started making clacking noises. On homing the rear slide, opposit the screen, blocked at half hight. I switched off then. I was able to move the slide by hand but the other 2 move much easier.
Going to contact flsun.
Anybody have this Problem?

# new printer #bushing
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Two problems with possible solutions...

by 3DM4RK

1) Leveling woes:
I decided to throw away the usb levelling mat that came with the printer (but kept the usb plug & lead), I think I only had one truly successful bed level using it and even that never lasted long.

I now use this method:
I basically do what this guy does except I make sure the end of the nozzle is totally clean (so you can see the brass!) using some 180 grit emery cloth, I also clip the usb lead to the tin foil tag (BTW I left the conductive material on the usb lead end as opposed to exposing the bare cables). After levelling adjust your z-offset accordingly. Even if you dont have a glass bed this method will work, either way just make sure you go plenty positive on your z-offset so as not to crash into the bed on you first attempt at printing! Then adjust according during first layer printing as in the video!

Don't forget to pre-heat your hotend before starting the leveling procedure!

My bed was last levelled over 2 months ago and is still level from front to back and left to right, each & every time - no more FLSun merry-go-round :)

2) Don't rely on the tower motor cable connectors, I have had the motors intermittently stop during prints due to a bad connection in these (in-turn this will either completely ruin your print (plastic spaghetti), show slight axis shift in them or worse still it can crash the printer head into the tower if the connection is out for too long), I have now ended up removing the connectors soldering each pair of cables together.

I cant guarantee these will work for you, but they did for me, so I thought I would share.


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Carbon-Fiber PLA

by stephanheinemann


I was wondering if anybody has already tried to print carbon-fiber filaments with the FLSUN QQ. According to:


a hardened steel nozzle is recommended due to the abrasive nature of carbon-fiber filaments.
My questions are the following:

(1) Can anybody recommend a suitable nozzle that has been used successfully with the FLSUN QQ for carbon-fiber prints?
(2) Can auto-leveling be skipped having a hardened steel nozzle with exactly the same dimensions as the provided brass nozzles?
(3) How does auto-leveling work with a hardened steel nozzle on the FLSUN QQ? (Conductivity of hardened steel versus brass)
(4) Can the hardened steel nozzle be used for PLA as well or does it have to be changed when switching between filament types? (Heat conductivity)

Thanks in advance,

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