QQ Firmware Update

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Hey QQ users,

i want to update my firmware, but i dont know which board the QQ uses, so i can´t realy connect to the printer via Marlin IDE. Does anyone know which motherboard is used in the QQ?

Or even better give me a tutorial for updating the firmware, i´m an absolute beginner in this area.

Thanks in advance!

Your board is the MKS Generation L v1.0 and there is a wealth of knowledge about this controller board on YouTube. "teaching tech" has a summary of the process on his channel. Here is the just of it. You need the Arduino Program downloaded, no actual arduino, then you need to download and install the libraries within the Arduino program and Marlin. Then flash them to your controller board.... something like that and be prepared to look for info all over the net. It took me a hot minute to do this, not easy, but you will really learn somethings. Back to my Budweiser..... let me know.

I never did find the QQ controller firmware anywhere. I'd really like to have a look at it!

Also Thomas Sanladerer is a better resource for this kind of core information, he has a youtube channel too.....beer....