Adding glass bed to FLSun QQ -- recommendations, please

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I've been using the FLSun QQ since Christmas and am very, very happy with it. The black matte printing surface is starting to breakdown though (small tears) and I notice the new model has a glass bed. Is it possible to purchase the glass bed for my printer, and is it similar to Anycubic's Ultrabase? Is it possible to use the Anycuibic 240mm Ultrabase with this printer? I assume I'd lose the 20mm of diameter print area, but I have the Ultrabase on my Anycubic i3 Mega and absolutely love it. Other than that, I assume I could use any of the 260mm Borosilicate glass beds? Any recommendations?

I spoke to FLSUN Whatsapp support and they sent me the glass bed and levelling plate free of charge.

Thanks, I'll try contacting them and see if I can purchase one. I'm still undecided as to going with aliexpress (I've never used them and have read mixed reviews, but I do trust theMario's experience), just a borosilicate glass plate or even trying an Anycubic round Ultrabse, despite it only being 240 mm (I have the AnyCubic i3 Mega, and after a few hundred prints it still works perfectly). I'm not sure how best to attempt the autoleveling if I go with the AnyCubic, as I would assume wrapping aluminum foil around the Anycubic would almost work, unless the printer attempts to check outside the 240 mm diameter...?

-- Walt

Well, you do not have to trust anyone. Your nation lives up to this motto. Only that much. New ways arise in which one goes.
I've also had the i3 mega for a year now and the ultrabase also makes 200 prints and still looks good. (Except in the homing area, the corner is from S3D. ;-)
Also have a JGAurora A5 - his base # 2 now comes from banggood.com. Has not kept 100 prints. Or. I tore a piece out with PETG. That's just life ...
I like to shop in China. Everything comes from China anyway. And if it's not from China, it's from Taiwan. I do not need an importer to get rich here, who then labels Made in Germany because he folds a nice expensive box from Germany around it. I can only spend my money once. It's important to be careful.
That's why I also have three printers. The QQ annoys me also currently. I am looking for a new firmware. His is so bad. None of my printers will stay that way and fall asleep. I'm scouring the US forums. In German is not enough available. So ... international.
Let's have a good time.

"Well, you do not have to trust anyone. Your nation lives up to this motto. Only that much."

Well, I assume that's some sort of political jab, but for the record, Canada's motto is "A Mari usque ad Mare", official translations being ""From Sea to Sea" and "D'un océan à l'autre."

My reluctance to order from China isn't because it's "China", it's that even if it goes well, I'm losing weeks of printing time. I have only ordered one item from China to date, and that was a few years ago -- I never received what I ordered. After a few weeks I contacted the seller who sent me a note he claimed to have received from U.S. Customs (not Canada customs) notifying him that it was there; I contacted U.S. Customs about it, and they claimed to have no knowledge of it.

Last year (before I purchased my own printer) I ordered some 3D prints from Poland; the prints were excellent, and well-priced, and came with free shipping. Once they arrived in Canada (after a couple of weeks), the shipper charged me $50 each for clearing the parcels through Canadian Customs, regardless of the value of the parcels.

Since I purchase my first 3D printer, I've received almost everything from Amazon Canada within 2-3 days; in one instance, I'd accidentally ordered 3.0 mm instead of 1.75 mm PLA; Amazon paid the return shipping and refunded my money once they'd received the returned PLA; in another instance, a roll of PLA was too brittle; I advised Amazon, who immediately sent me a new roll without charge and, once I returned the bad roll (again, they paid the shipping) everything was fine.

Like you, I prefer to save money when I can, but in many cases time is more important to me than a little extra cost. When I order from outside of Canada (including from the U.S.) I feel that things are too often out of my control, that if or when something goes wrong fixing it is either impossible, too expensive or too time-consuming. It's not necessarily that the sellers aren't trustworthy, just that when you add an ocean, two customs departments and two or three shipping companies, things go wrong more often.

That said, I again thank you for your information both regarding AliExpress and your comments and suggestions regarding the print bed on the FLSun QQ, it's all very much appreciated.

Thanks very much for the info, it looks like exactly what I need (right down to the "ultra base"). I've never ordered through aliexpress, any idea how long this might take if it's being shipped from China, or are there any other dealers in North America that I might order this.

Thanks again.

Hello, it is not a real glass. It feels like a plastic. But smooth as a children's pop and very resistant to the Nozzle. Definitely worth the 15 USD. With aluminum foil can be leveled on it. Of course, she needs contact with the underlying metal base. Simply smooth with a little water on the bed (wipe with a damp cloth) But, it works ..

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Thanks again, very much appreciated!

Orders from China. Well, to Germany it takes 3 - 4 weeks. It's not the distance. There is a system that lets such free shipments be placed in some corner of a plane. So, if there's a vacancy, fill it with such packages. If no one is free, it stays on the ground. But here the customs like to put a few more days on it. "Are all very busy."

I’ve lost a day of printing as the removal of the last print tore a large hole in the middle of the print area. I’d like to order something from somewhere sooner rather than later.

Can I put painter’s tape on top of the black printing surface (adjusting for the extra thickness before printing) until I have some sort of replacement in place? Would I be better off removing all of the bed material, cleaning the glue off the heat plate and putting tape directly on that?

Yes, you can remove the whole clutter incl. The glue. Then you can also painter tape ... putting tape ... put on it. Only the z-offset of 0.3mm has to compensate. Then it's easier to wait for the new bed from China.
I have another problem after adjusting my steps on the engine. He prints wonderfully dimensionally stable outside dimensions. A cube 20 x 20 x 20 mm really great. A bore in the z direction will be 9.5mm while it will be 10mm. There are things I can not explain. I have to say, it does not matter if it's infill or without and without upper layers. Even the three rows next to each other are dimensionally stable.