Hey there! Quick question for all of you

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Hey everyone, I’ve been keeping my eye on this printer for a while now, mainly because of the price but I’m still kind of on the fence. I figured I would ask you all what you think of the printer so far and maybe any tips if I decide to get it. Thanks for your time!

I purchased this model in February and once I put a real micro SD card in it not the one they ship with it has been very good. I have the glass bed and it is so much better than anything I have had before. The only thing is I have some issues with is the way the filament angles into the Titan Extruder Hotend Driver Feeder. If you have brittle filament and your print has many oscillations like the PI cup example then it can break off. This can be easily retrofitted with a self made mini spool or anything really to just have the angle better. Also I do have a little more clogging than I have had with other printers. That being said. I wanted another printer and after looking at my options and what was in that price point, I went ahead and got another one. I do think some other models print more reliable and perhaps better quality but it is not a very significant difference and the price point to build area is really good.

It is very quiet. The build quality is very good.

Hey NoremacG98,

I don't have too much to offer for sage advice. I just bought a Flsun qq for my first 3D printer. I am maybe 10 prints in, and having a good time. I have some issues that I am trying to work out. When I print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2656594 (all in one 3d printer test) my prints don't come out as beautiful as others out there. I will learn.

But what I will tell you is it is a beautiful piece of art that any geek would be proud to put on a endtable and showcase in their living room. I am really happy with the fit and finish. The touchscreen works great. It is quiet as a mouse. I spent a long time watching youtube and watching people review every printer on the planet and I had never heard of the qq before I saw it on ebay. I like being a little different and it wasn't enough to just go Delta, I went qq..


All In One 3D Printer test

Hey there!
I have a new(ish) QQ and I like it. It s my third Printer, after rapman and fabbster and its lightyears ahead. Only trouble was the rear tower jamming, should have thought of oiling it. The shipment included a geared extruder that made things like FlexiRexi a breeze. Flsun also included a new (thinner) mat for auto-leveling that is much improved. I had to Level again after aboiut 20 prints. Earlier versions seemed to create problems.
The printer comes pre - assembled and is very easy to complete.
I recommend it.