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Flyingbear Ghost Version 1 LCD Update

by Kigele


I would like to Update my LCD with the German Language and a newer Version of the LCD-Firmware..
So... I just downloaded the Russian/English Version of the Firmware and Installed it. Now it does not Work anymore.. Nice.. NOT

So, i just wrote the Flyingbear Support to ask them for a Firmware of the LCD...

Do you know, where to get the Firmware ? I didn´t find it in the Google-Drive, where it should be..

Sorry for my bad English..

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Ghost heat break fan not running

by karlNorway

Hi all.

I have been trying to print ant it seems that the heat break cooling fan is not working. And that means the heat creeps up in the ptfe tube and filament preventing a good print. Any tips on what the problem might be? I have checked all my plugs and they are fully seated.

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Marlin updates for p905x?

by Thermonuklear

I've heard there's an updated version of the firmware available at some facebook page. I don't use Facebook so I can't access the page or files. Could some kind soul upload the newer firmware here, if it's legally possible to do so?
Edit: P905X; LCD, Single extruder, Dual Z

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Z Wobbel Problems

by windiesel

we have 4 Flyingbear Tornado here and all have Z-Wobbel Problems. I was able to reduce the Wobble quite a bit but there are still visible. How do you solve the Problem?
best regarts

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FlyingBear P905 single E, Dual Z stepper drivers cooling fan

by Cjwelcome

I have this printer and currently the fan that attaches on the motherboard mount that is meant to cool the stepper motor drivers when the printer is on never turns off. It’s currectly connected to a constant power pin on the board and my question is, is it possible to set the firmware to only turn on the stepper motor drivers cooling fan only when the steppers are on and if so what and where would I put edited code and or new code in the firmware and also which pin would I use on the motherboard. I already have the original hot end fan plugged into the board on HE1 terminals and another for a part cooling fan in the plug labeled (FAN) but I’d like to use the other plug on the board but it is only a constant power to this plug. If anyone knows the answer then awesome but if not then it’s a small annoyance I’m willing to live with. Of course if anyone doesn’t know this motherboard is an (MKS genL v1.0)

flyingbear-p905 MKS_Gen_L_V10
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