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Belt tensioner for P905

by romanzondinga

Hi! I bring you a belt tensioner design for the P905, just need a couple of holes, springs, screws and print these parts.

Long Adjustable Belt Tensioner - Flyingbear p905
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Flying Bear 905x overhaul

by Crazypedia

I've been hapy with my flying bear for a few years now, but recently ive had heating and power issues, so it's time for a major overhaul. I've got a few ideas and i'm looking for other upgrades i could make.

Right now i'm only really planning on keeping the chasie, stepper motors, and LCD screen, everything else is up for upgrade, below is my list parts with considerations for upgrade. Any suggestions on alternatives and where to get them are welcome!

  • Control Board: Smoothieboard (maybe Azteeg?)
  • Print head + Carriage : (No idea, i want something that uses the nozzle to do auto bed level sensing)
  • Heated build plate: (No idea, something easy to detach and peel builds off of would be great)
  • Power Supply: Some generic replacement PSU, and adding a switch to the circut too instead of having to pull the cord all the time
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Flyingbear Ghost Version 1 LCD Update

by Kigele


I would like to Update my LCD with the German Language and a newer Version of the LCD-Firmware..
So... I just downloaded the Russian/English Version of the Firmware and Installed it. Now it does not Work anymore.. Nice.. NOT

So, i just wrote the Flyingbear Support to ask them for a Firmware of the LCD...

Do you know, where to get the Firmware ? I didn´t find it in the Google-Drive, where it should be..

Sorry for my bad English..

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Marlin updates for p905x?

by Thermonuklear

I've heard there's an updated version of the firmware available at some facebook page. I don't use Facebook so I can't access the page or files. Could some kind soul upload the newer firmware here, if it's legally possible to do so?
Edit: P905X; LCD, Single extruder, Dual Z

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flyingbear motherboard

by buggyscrazy

i need software for a fltingbear p095h can anyone help with new mother board

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