Alternative electronics placement

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Uhhhhhh....The link is dead..........

The Image showed that you can mount all the electronics on top instead of underneath the bed.

That's what I gathered. It's okay!

@jartz, the image came from user @tjb1. maybe he can repost

@jesse - I tried to view your pic, but your link is no longer valid. :( I can only guess that you've mounted it up top or something based on wittmason's response.

I put feet on my corners and created a stronger version of this RAMPS 1.4 mount (and added a fan mount) for my printer - I'll upload the design to Thingiverse soon, but here's what I started with:

I switched to FSR leveling, and also created a system where I can remove the heat bed off the base and un-plug it to access the control electronics in the base.

The 'stock' clear acrylic parts now just serve to hold up the heat bed/build plate and a place to mount some accessories, such as a 12v 'power distribution rail' (row of headers), and somewhere to mount my relay board (controls the 5v cooling fans for the steppers) and the FSR controller board.

And before I did much research, several months ago I bought a GeeTech RAMPS-FD V1 Rev A + an Arduino DUE (I now know the Geetech FD board is not very desirable because it was produced from a Beta version of the board and it has a few hardware design flaws [whoops!]) - But anyways, I'm an electronics geek and will be fixing those flaws on my board using the methods others have posted.
So since I will actually be using my RAMPS-FD V1 board, I created a new mount for it. I'll upload the design to Thingiverse soon.

I'm not using it in my printer yet as I'm still working out what firmware I'm going to use on it - I'd like to stick with Marlin though.

Kossel mini RAMPS 1.4 mount

I had a similar idea Jesse. I printed a new set of base corners for mine and I intend to just make more room down below the build plate instead. Awesome clean build BTW.