From unboxing to printing in 7 minutes ;)

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This is pretty awesome and exactly what I expected with my FT-5, sadly, it's now 6 weeks later and I am just now testing the homing and there are still lots of issues. I am glad to see that others got it up and running with absolutely no trouble, makes me believe that I just got a dud all around and my ire might be misplaced and I was just unfortunate.


I'm sorry to hear that! Are you on the folgerforums? I am still ironing out the kinks I have had MANY setbacks lol. Let me know if you have any questions...

I have relied on a lot of good and helpful people to get all of this resolved (facebook and forum, although the forum can get a bit testy) and it's printing a benchy as I type this. So Hurrah! I hunkered down and worked much of the night to finish it because I am just so darn sick of it sitting there staring at me :) Now the really fun part.. calibration! WooHoo ;)

That said, the difference in excitement and enthusiasm between this and my Prusa is mindblowing. I am no longer all that interested in the FT-5 anymore as I know I will continue to have problem after problem. I believe I am going to go the 713Maker route (if they can get their production up) and then make some serious changes one I get more knowledgeable in all the functions. I really cannot see this printer (as is) being reliable in any way without constant tweaking.

However, CONGRATS. I am honestly happy for you and wish you many great prints! Maybe my salt will be washed away with tears of joy soon who knows :)

Awesome! Yeah, it's a bit sad actually that these early production runs of the FT5 aren't living up to the expectations. Or maybe our expectations are so high because we're thinking of Prusa and other RepRap that are really tried and true venerable designs. Maybe the FT5 just needs more time?

I was having issues this morning with one of the Y idler bearings is clacking and I think it's shot... I dunno if melamine dust got in there or it was bad from the factory. I don't even want to voice the number of hours spent on this printer with nothing to show for it yet ;)

I agree somewhat but a company actively selling a product should not be using customers as a test bed.
That said, it hasn't blown up or started a house fire yet, so, consider it a win? :)

Benchy looks terrible BTW, I probably should have used something other than black PLA so I can see the faults more clearly. I will have to do some calibration - back to the google! (lol)

They sent me a 24V power supply in a 12V box. ;) I definitely blew one fuse right away heating the bed the first time. I then played with all sorts of firmware settings to lower the power to bed and extruder. After a few days I checked PSU voltage and said WTF? Anyways, it heats up much quicker and now that I've made all the changes I see no point switching back to 12V

Oh.. that's pretty cool, a stupid error on their part no doubt but it worked out. This bed takes ages to heat. How much was involved in tweaking to get it to all utilize the 24v PS?

(BTW, right after the first benchy I got a MINTEMP error, lol, the saga continues)

MINTEMP changes are in my diff below. Do you know how to read a diff? Also... just reading a thread on FolgerForum that perhaps the wrong thermistor setting is in the FT firmware. That could explain a heck of a lot of our issues ;) I will investigate later tonight.

Wrong firmware?

It would not surprise me as the stock firmware does not move the X axis in the right direction.. this is stock firmware with wiring per manual, so no, nothing would surprise me with FT.

That said, I am looking for the thread and I am missing it, which thread is it on the thermistor?

as for diff, is that short for difference file or the difference between two files?

Difference between two files. The lines with a minus (-) in front are the original Google Drive version of the FT5 Marlin firmware. The lines with a (+) in front are my changes.

awesome, thank you. will check that out. Is the entire process just firmware changes? I ask because holy crap this bed takes forever just to heat to 60c, my prusa hits 60 in seconds, this thing I can go take a shower. If getting a 24v will solve that with just some firmware changes I will definitely do it.

Yeah, the parts heater cartridge, fans, and maybe something else... are labeled 12V but they are working fine after 24 hours plus printing. I did order 24V fans just because these are warm to the touch at 24V. They arrived today at my office but I haven't installed yet. Still printing :D

Here are my changes thusfar for 24V etc...