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Stepper moter current rating folgertech 42gybh40h-23

by divreig

trying to tune my stepper motor but cant find the info for the motor. does not come up on folgertech.com or google. any one know?

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filament out sensor?

by divreig

just wanted to see if any one has tried out a filament out sensor and if so how to do it? I see in marlin is says to use SERVO3_PIN I am not sure witch one its is and how to wire the switch to the board.


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by chillysmokes

Not a lot of activity here, anymore, and it's not surprising being that there are a lot of other printers on the market at better prices and larger print volumes, easier setup. Namely the CR-10... I wouldn't trade the experience I've had learning and upgrading my FT2020... but my setup doesn't really resemble the purchased product anymore because it's so heavily modified. Wanted to thank anyone who ever posted here or a thing that helped anyone else on their 3d printer journey, corny as that sounds. I'll leave a pic of where my journey with the FT2020 has led me and I'll try to list all the mods currently in play and what's planned.

At least those that find themselves building FT2020 for the first time will have the verse. If anyone else would like to snap a pic of their current setup and list mods that'd be cool to see.

Frame braces x/y to z and z to z
Vibration dampening legs x10
Z axis Lead screw upgrade with no-flex couplers
Z stepper standoffs
Z stepper motor printed mount replacements <--- do this
Z axis smooth rod lower end spacers
Lead screw lower end spacers
X axis 2020 extrusion mod with custom parts
Y axis 2020 extrusion mod with custom parts
Build plate carriage mod
Cork sheet insulator
PEI sheet on glass
Heatbed standoff screws mod with knobs
Quick release x-gantry custom
Quick release extruder-gantry plate custom
Toranado Precision Geared Extruder (side mount) with bonafide E3D HOTEND
-custom part cooler
-custom NEMA-14 cooler fan
-BL-TOUCH using 3point leveling
24V upgrade to RAMPS 1.4
24V heatbed upgrade
24V E3D HOTEND cartridge
Trigorilla Heatbed MOSFET
Replaced green 4-screw input terminal with quality terminal <-----old one melted @ 12V
12V buck converter for 12V supply
5V buck converter for 5V supply
Case for ramps/mega
Case for LCD
Case for Raspberry Pi
USB no-power mod to mega
Rpi controlled relays x2 to 24V for ramps and separate mega PSU <----- needed for TMC2130
OCTOPRINT running on Rpi
Octodroid premium
TMC2130 x4 <------ so choice!!!!
Fuses mod on ramps 1.4 (removed poly fuses)
Y axis stepper upgraded
Y and X stepper cooling fans
80mm cooling fan for ramps case custom adapter

Almost ready to do RE-ARM 32bit upgrade using Marlin 2.0 <------ 32bit goodness!!!!!!
Parts printed for Lack table enclosure with printer section 700mm high with removeable plexi, OCTOPRINT enclosure plugin, old 10 inch tablet running Octodroid for manual control, automatic complete enclosure gas purge, LED enclosure mod.
Filament run-out sensor
Filament diameter sensor <----really want
Liquid cooling for steppers???? dunno bout that
Smoke detector plugin <---with extinguisher??
Another TPGE E3D drop-in just for ABS/PETG
2nd extruder for support structures <----i may not have the will or strength for that one.

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Any feedback on the MakersDR i3 2020 overhaul?

by markag

Has anyone done the MakersDR overhaul to their folgertech i3 2020? I'm thinking about trying it out. I've got the z-axis upgrade parts printed now. I never liked the way the z-axis motors mounted, and will be happy better square everything up. Looking at doing the full overhaul, but I really don't want to tear my printer apart that far if it isn't going to be that big of an upgrade. It already prints pretty good as it is.


MakersDR Prusa i3 2020 - Folgertech Upgrade
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Most useful modifications?

by MindRealm

What is the most useful change you have made to your printer? Share your tips and photos!

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