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Formbot and gMax 3d printers

by gCreate

Please know the FormBot is a clone of the gMax 3d printer built with cheaper parts. They have literally taken the free 3d files from gCreate, provided to the community, and used them in their printer without attribution. It's not just a coincidence why the parts look so similar. These files were provided to the 3d printing community as a thank you but not everyone respects the attribution requirement. This also applies to models modified from our original design. They also do not have a website, forum or any other resources with which to give back to the community. It appears they have also copied several other components of the gMax printer without any concern for the original designer. This includes the many of the metal parts. I know this because I have spent many days, nights and weekends designing the gMax printer and my partner, Anna Lee, and I have worked hard to build our company for several years now. We understand the allure of the price but just wanted to make sure people know who they are buying from.

We have also spent much time on testing, literally every day, and have made great changes to the gMax since the 1.0 and 1.5 days to improve shipping quality, print quality and longevity.

For more information on the gMax 3d printers and see our growing community, please visit www.gcreate.com. We also have free 3d models for download, which we designed, as well as a growing user forum, youtube tutorials and really cool instagram/twitter posts.

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