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Trex 2+

by sen2two

Talk me out of the Formbot Trex 2+.... Or I will order one this weekend! (Is there a 3 coming anytime soon? Should I wait?)

Seriously, how is this printer not more popular? I haven't found a reason not to buy it yet. So for those who own and use it regularly, please tell me the bad as well as the good. The only downfall i have found so far is the lack of community.

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Formbot T-Rex 2 IDX Pin-out 40 Pin IDC

by Duker44

If anyone has the desire to add their own control board to the frame replacing the stock one.
Here's the Pinnout for the IDC connector

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How to use Cura with T-Rex 2

by Macki_2000

Hi All,

since today my only experience with 3D printer is with my own Ultimaker 2 printer and 2.3.1 Cura software. Everything works fine and there is nothing additionally to do at Cura, only to use. I know how to use the print setup with Layer Height, Wall Thickness, Infill Density, ... But I have no experience deeper inside to Cura. For creating my own things I can use Solidworks and then export stl files. But never done for 2 colors or dual extrusion.

Now I want to buy a Formbot T-Rex 2 with dual extrusion (for 2 colors or different support material) and I want to use Cura too. But before buying I want to see how to realize it on software side.
I have contact to Formbot and they sent me first of all two profile files. I have imported both into Cura. But how to go on now. What is to do with the printer selection.
Before buying the printer everything must be clear and work on software side. So who could help me for these first steps.


PS And if there is someone from Germany who is successful working with T-Rex 2 and could help me, please come back to me.

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Xinkebot Orca2 vs Formbot T Rex2 (vs Multoo MT1)

by ozfunghi

Hey, anybody with a comparison between these printers? They all look alike and offer similar products: 400*400 bed, 480 Z for Xinkebot, 470 Z for Formbot and 410 Z for Multoo. All with dual extrusion. Multoo and Formbot have an optional laser engraver. Formbot has optional wifi. Formbot has BLtouch, the Xinkebot uses a different sensor. Multoo is not as tall, but can be ordered with a custom height. Xinkebot claims to have a leveling that can adjust mid-print.

Xinkebot claims it's better than Formbot for the following reasons, and i quote (from a message they sent me):
"The reasons why our Orca2 Cygnus is better than Formbot are as follows:
1) We use all choice materials on the market while they use those of lower quality. So, after a period of use, some parts of the T-Rex often break down and they don't have good after-sales service. While with us, you will have our lifelong technical support and enjoy our individual after-sales service.
2) Many parts of our Orca2 Cygnus have been re-designed or improved, it's now a quality printer that is very easy to use. For example, we have integrate the heated bed to the control box, re-designed the z-endstop and simplified the wiring of the printer, so there's no annoying wiring and leveling now. However, you will find the T-Rex is difficult to use after a period of time due to defects in the design.
3) Our Orca2 Cygnus has the FCC and RoHS approved while CE is under the tests, so there's no need of you worrying about its quality. But the T-Rex doesn't have this kind of guarantee of product quality.
4) They are not even a formal company in China and there's no guarantee of their product. However, we are a formal manufacturer and we are famous for our large format 3D printer in the line.
As for the auto leveling sensor, yes, it can work with glass. It is similar to the BL Touch sensor and can work with beds made of different materials.
As for the WiFi, our mass produced version does not have this function for the time being. However, we reserve the wifi module on the motherboard so it can be customized. "

I also contacted Formbot with some questions. Formbot claims all the BLtouch and E3D hotends are original and not clones, however, that they do use custom nozzles (better than the original according to them). I quote:
"the BLTouch is genuine, made in South Korea, you can contact with www.antclabs.com for checking.
as to E3D volcano extruder, the heating block and threaded tube are genuine, but we have escalated the nozzle, and make it longer and more sharp, so the filament won't be sticked to nozzle, which is better than original nozzle.
we have tested the original E3D volcano nozzle, it's easy to be sticked with filament during printing, so we made some improvement on it."

So if anybody has any info or experience with these printers, do share. I also contacted gCreate, but they were a lot less helpful and forthcoming honestly. I sent a message to all three companies on the same day, but while i received a response from the Chinese clone companies the same day, with helpful information about shipping and declaration, i had to wait three days for gCreate to respond, and their response to ship to Europe was basically, that i had to figure it out on my own, and i had to provide them with a shipping label and documents, no mention of cost.

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better design ideas for Trex 2.

by WooW22

Looking for I guess what you would say upgrades for the formbot Trex2. My blower fan in the back always needs a little push to get it started. I tried blimping setting and still does nothing. I have made a holder for the ribbon so it doesnt drag on the bed. Was wondering if anybody had any ideas for blowers. Thank you.

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