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What design program to use

by Havardsa

Hi guys:-)
I want to try and design camera mounts and other stuff for my fleet of fixed wing FPV planes. My only experience in 3D design is from using Sketchup. What sort of easy to use 3D design program would you guys recommend I try?
Any advice would be apppreciated

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Some drone love for you

by El7ias

Protect your gear! Have some radio stick guards!

Check out my Fusion 360 Drone design 101 video to get you up and running in drone design fast!

Make it better!

Remote Control Stick Guard
by El7ias
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Tarot Transmitter Tray Arm Rest stl needed

by gurusonwheels

I have the Tarot transmitter tray TL2876
does anyone have the stl file for the plastic arm rest .

mine keeps cracking and i would like to send the 3d file
to a machine shop to have them made from aluminum .

hope someone has the file

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