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Looking for a beginner (indoor) ~65mm TinyWhoop build

by gertschman

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a beginner tinywhoop build - ideally 65mm.
Can anyone please recommend one with 3D printed parts?
I really like the design of the r3dwhoop zerograv (https://www.r3dshifters.com/store/p23/www.r3dshifters.com/r3dwhoop-zerograv.html.html).
It would be cool if there would be the possibility to mount an insta360 go along the way :)

Thanks a lot!

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Testing an adjustable GoPro mount for hyperlite glide

by lewisbv


I am just getting in to 3d modeling (been about 3 days or so) and don't have easy access to a 3d printer. I just finished designing an adjustable GoPro hero 5/6/7 mount for the hyperlite glide and can't test it. If anyone would be able to test it and report back any issues that would make my day. Here is the link the page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4294934

edit: you don't have to own a glide frame. just would love to know how the pieces fit together and if the GoPro sits nicely in the mount

Adjustable Gopro Hero 5/6/7 mount for Hyperlite Glide
by lewisbv
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Session Mount for the Smooth Operator by Catalyst Machine works

by DirtyWhiteBoy

need a ginny pig to test fit this session mount i designed with fusion360 for the smooth operator while im waiting for tpu filament in the mail.

Catalyst_Machineworks gopro_session gopro_session_mount session Session_Mount smooth operator
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use an iphone to control a quadcopter

by yisus0995

Hi, sorry if my english is not good enough, but i'm from spain and my level is not high enough...
I love quadcopter, but de transmitter is too expensive.
And i think on made a quad which i can flight with my mobile... but i don't know how to do it...
can someone help me??? I don't know what components i need to build a quad like this.

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Flexible Landing Gear

by deannicholson

Hello all,

Has anyone a decent design for a durable landing gear?

Suggestions for a suitable item/material also welcome :)


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