My degree is bigger that yours......

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I was working for an engineering company and was surrounded by engineers who all had at least one BA and there were some with their masters degree. I on the other hand had an AAS in mechanical design and fabrication from a local community college and was still working on my AA in per-engineering at the same college.

I was being lectured by a senior engineer on how little I knew as he was judging from my lack of degrees. He finished by telling me that he was a professional engineer. I on the other hand was a student. I said to him "do you know what the single most important invention is in the whole history of man kind?". He just kind of looked at me and blinked. I said "it is quite arguably the wheel". He shook his head and said, "well, yes, l can see where you are coming from". Then I said " but do you realize that it was invented by someone who had no degree and quite possibly no formal education"?

Never for a moment believe that having a degree somehow compensates someone for a lack of raw intellect.

I agree. This is why I don't base my judgement of myself on my education, or try to put others down. The biggest problem there, of course, is ego.

That being said, there's a lot of experience they force you to get while getting these degrees, which really helps the dumb luck/raw intellect in making things.

I don't have a degree, but I have some good ideas, and I definitely get lucky making some things. :D

Thank you. I felt compelled to share my experience with others. I am working on a degree, but I would never let having one get in my way.

I met a woman a few weeks ago. She appeared to be what we consider perfectly normal. The man standing next to her on the other hand had the appearance of a street person. He looked shabby and unkept. He was her brother and was without question a genius. He and I ran up and down the halls of knowledge discussing things that few people in my experience are even remotely aware of. He had no degree, but if I were ever in the position too I would hire him in an instant.