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FreeCAD in default made with drop-down

by mrvanes

I noticed FreeCAD is not in the default "Made with" drop-down. Has anybody made a serious attempt to get FreeCAD in that list?
update: found the "contact" page, just made an inquiry.

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Object wall patterns

by BrosJr

Hello everyone, I need a help to apply a pattern to the wall of an object I am trying to design :) Its A cube, but I want to apply any pattern like the exemples below, it´s just exemples since I want to make a pattern of my own.


I looked at the internet and I din´t any tutorial or someting that helped me at this task, maybe because I´m searching with tha wrong keywords.

Does anybody knows how to do it?

Thank you.

Spiral Vase
Curved honeycomb vase
by eggnot
Faceted Bowl and Vase
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More smooth cone

by BrosJr

Hello. I made a cone on the Freecad and exported it to STL to print it. As it cen be seen on Cura´s screen the walls of the cone are not rounded, smooth. Is there a way to make it more rounded?

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What Would the Best Set of Tutorials Be?

by rebeltaz

I love sketchup. I have used it for decades. Lately, my models have apparently become memory extensive and actions sometimes take hours to complete. I don't know if it's because I am running sketchup in a windoze VM over linux or what, but.... I have decided to try and learn FreeCAD. It's not the most user-intuitive. What would you guys suggest for a complete newbie to FreeCAD as the best tutorial videos to watch?

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Back to freecad 0.16, because i can not handle Freecad 0.17

by windchime


Here is how you can go back to Freecad 0.16 on ubuntu.
It installs a freecad-lagacy ppa, where you can install freecad 0.16


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freecad-maintainers/freecad-legacy
sudo apt-get update

I can not handle freecad 0.17, takes more time to learn i guess :-)

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