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need designer help

by waybri

sti design alteration
i want to add slots to this design but cannot find a option to create this do i need to create a mask ,sorry for ignorance but new to design software and want to manipulate current edit/alter sti designs

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Fixing stl through step203 export

by VillardDeHonnecourt

I recently made a couple of more complex designs that were non-manifold after STL export, even after fiddling around with the resolution. Everything was valid on the FreeCAD side. I tried Meshmixer to fix it and was sorely disappointed, especially since the holes didn´t seem that complicated to fill. In any case, the problem was solved by exporting to STP, open the STP again and saving as stl. I know any export operation is a loss in fidelity, but that can be remedied by giving each of the exports less tolerance, thus resulting in an STL comparable to a direct export.

It kind of sucks we´re stuck with the stl format, which is clunky at best - I´m always suspicious when a design environment can´t handle parasolid at least. In any case, it worked like a charm for me, and was far more reliable and easy to use than mesh fixing, albeit with the foul stench of a workaround.

I´ll just leave this here in case anyone had similar problems ...

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Any Advice On Workflow?

by rebeltaz

Would anyone be interested in taking a look at my latest model and telling me how it could have been done better / more efficiently? It's hard to learn something new just from watching videos, so any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Can You Use a Sketch/Pad to Cut a Hole with Clearances?

by rebeltaz

This is hard to explain, so I am going to upload a portion of the model I am working to help explain. In the model, I need to cut the wedge shaped tip of [Body, handle] from the upper wheel on [Body, inner reel] as well as a couple of other [Body, xyz] parts. I need the corresponding hole that is cut to have, say 0.6mm clearance on each side.

I know that I can just create another sketch with the proper dimensions, pad that and cut it from the parts, but since FreeCAD is parametric, I would think that there must be a way to do this in such a way that the cut is linked to the original piece so that if I change the size of the part, the corresponding hole will be resized accordingly.

I have asked over on the FreeCAD forums and I was told to use ShapeBinder, with no other instruction. I found the wiki page for that command and when I tried to use the [ShapeBinder] element as a cut, FreeCAD tells me that "Links go out of the allowed range" and then placed the resulting cut outside the scope of any [Body] element. Aside from that, it doesn't allow for the clearance I am needing - it just does the cut.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... even if it's just to say what I ask cannot be done.

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Need help converting/changing a DXF file.

by micromike44

Need a one time help with a file. Since this is a bit out of the ordinary, I don't know where to begin looking for this. I currently began using FreeCAD. I have a file converted to a DXF, but my another CAD user needs it with "splines". I have no clue where to begin looking for this change from polylines to splines. Any conversion you could do would be great. screen shots to show where, or I can transfer the files back and forth. Thanks Mike

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