need designer help

by waybri

sti design alteration
i want to add slots to this design but cannot find a option to create this do i need to create a mask ,sorry for ignorance but new to design software and want to manipulate current edit/alter sti designs

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Fixing stl through step203 export

by VillardDeHonnecourt

I recently made a couple of more complex designs that were non-manifold after STL export, even after fiddling around with the resolution. Everything was valid on the FreeCAD side. I tried Meshmixer to fix it and was sorely disappointed, especially since the holes didn´t seem that complicated to fill. In any case, the problem was solved by exporting to STP, open the STP again and saving as stl. I know any export operation is a loss in fidelity, but that can be remedied by giving each of the exports less tolerance, thus resulting in an STL comparable to a direct export.

It kind of sucks we´re stuck with the stl format, which is clunky at best - I´m always suspicious when a design environment can´t handle parasolid at least. In any case, it worked like a charm for me, and was far more reliable and easy to use than mesh fixing, albeit with the foul stench of a workaround.

I´ll just leave this here in case anyone had similar problems ...

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Any Advice On Workflow?

by rebeltaz

Would anyone be interested in taking a look at my latest model and telling me how it could have been done better / more efficiently? It's hard to learn something new just from watching videos, so any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Can You Use a Sketch/Pad to Cut a Hole with Clearances?

by rebeltaz

This is hard to explain, so I am going to upload a portion of the model I am working to help explain. In the model, I need to cut the wedge shaped tip of [Body, handle] from the upper wheel on [Body, inner reel] as well as a couple of other [Body, xyz] parts. I need the corresponding hole that is cut to have, say 0.6mm clearance on each side.

I know that I can just create another sketch with the proper dimensions, pad that and cut it from the parts, but since FreeCAD is parametric, I would think that there must be a way to do this in such a way that the cut is linked to the original piece so that if I change the size of the part, the corresponding hole will be resized accordingly.

I have asked over on the FreeCAD forums and I was told to use ShapeBinder, with no other instruction. I found the wiki page for that command and when I tried to use the [ShapeBinder] element as a cut, FreeCAD tells me that "Links go out of the allowed range" and then placed the resulting cut outside the scope of any [Body] element. Aside from that, it doesn't allow for the clearance I am needing - it just does the cut.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... even if it's just to say what I ask cannot be done.

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Need help converting/changing a DXF file.

by micromike44

Need a one time help with a file. Since this is a bit out of the ordinary, I don't know where to begin looking for this. I currently began using FreeCAD. I have a file converted to a DXF, but my another CAD user needs it with "splines". I have no clue where to begin looking for this change from polylines to splines. Any conversion you could do would be great. screen shots to show where, or I can transfer the files back and forth. Thanks Mike

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Text in a curve

by mswho

Hello everybody,

has anyone ever tried to write text in this form
in FreeCAD? I like the design very much but I have no idea how the text flow could work.

Thanks for any help

Alles gute zum geburtstag schriftzug
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CSG disciplines and procedure

by gearwarrior

So, I'm typically 'self' related when it comes to developing skills. This makes it hard for me to relate. Also, it makes the possibility of developing incorrect procedures that become more and more inescapable. So, FreeCad is a little obscure in my opinion although I absolutely love it. I'm getting better and better and modelling. But, I started with BrlCad which I will be returning to shortly. In Brl, there is a very strict policy for developing solid objects and it certainly has a CSG discipline that it tries to enforce. For example, if you create an object with the intent of using it as a tool you must use proper boolean operators to create an object that does not violate another objects space. I have seen this actually fall on its face with BrlCad, but I believe it is a healthy discipline and I'm interested in whether there is an analogy for FreeCad. I've developed useful objects out of methods that make me feel uncomfortable. For example the included file; It is a replacement caster for a rollaway bed. How should it have been done?

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Me Again. Why Can't I Move Subtractive Cylinder Without Breaking

by rebeltaz

Sigh... Sorry to be such a pain guys. I'm really trying to do this on my own.

In this model, I need to offset two subtractive primitives - cylinder001 and cylinder002 under upper half - by 20mm. I can move cylinder001 along the X axis 20mm with no problem, but when I try to move cylinder002 along the same X axis by -20mm, the whole model goes screwy. Parts get reoriented and cylinder004 gets pushed off the model.

What am I doing wrong and can it be fixed without redoing every element under the cylinder primitives?

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Newbie Here... Can You Cut One Padded Sketch From Another?

by rebeltaz

OK.. so I have a sketch to which I have added a pad operation. Let's call that the [carrier]. Inside that, I have another sketch to which I have added another pad operation. Let's call that the [tray]. What I am trying to do is subtract the [tray] from the [carrier], but I cannot find any way to do that. I know how to do it with primitive objects, but is there no way to do this with object created from sketches?

I'm very new to FreeCAD (like a week old) so please be kind :)

Every time I tried, it would remove both the [carrier] and the [tray]. For some reason, when I would toggle visibility on one on, it would automatically toggle the other one off. I finally found another way to do it - I created a sketch in the XZ plane and just did a pocket cut into the [carrier] - but I'd still like to understand why the original way didn't work in case I ever get in a situation where the pocket won't work...

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