Newbie Here... Can You Cut One Padded Sketch From Another?

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OK.. so I have a sketch to which I have added a pad operation. Let's call that the [carrier]. Inside that, I have another sketch to which I have added another pad operation. Let's call that the [tray]. What I am trying to do is subtract the [tray] from the [carrier], but I cannot find any way to do that. I know how to do it with primitive objects, but is there no way to do this with object created from sketches?

I'm very new to FreeCAD (like a week old) so please be kind :)

Every time I tried, it would remove both the [carrier] and the [tray]. For some reason, when I would toggle visibility on one on, it would automatically toggle the other one off. I finally found another way to do it - I created a sketch in the XZ plane and just did a pocket cut into the [carrier] - but I'd still like to understand why the original way didn't work in case I ever get in a situation where the pocket won't work...

with freecad all the tools are laid out and you must build the methods personally so that lil by lil you can start to use them to complete some spectacular designs. nah nah..kinda but its more about how fast can you click every little icon until you start remembering what that icon does to the shapes your editing.. the more you click the more your methods will grow. try cross-sections in the parts workbench that and skethcer is all i fux wit really now.. oh and start a really ambitious design too create a 3d model from real 2d blueprints (not copy the bluprint itself but create what the blueprint is for... so that you can start correlating terms as well if you really want

If you're doing this in the Part Design workbench, to do Boolean operations each object needs to be in a separate body.

I seem to have learned that the hard way :)

Just so I understand, what is the {body] for and what goes into it? How does one know when one needs to create another [body]?

I learned the hard way, too! People below have done a good job answering your specific question, so I'll try to help with Bodies. (I've only been using FC a few months, so I'm hardly an expert.) As stated below you can't have two separate objects in the same Body. It's okay if they touch, but they can't be just floating in space. So beside Boolean operations, you might have objects that will attach after they're printed and you want to check how they'll fit together. You can move any Body by selecting it (click on it) and adjusting the Placement in the Property panel. Another use is if you want an object that has a lot of symmetry, you can make say, a quarter of it, in a Body and then clone that Body into another Body and translate or rotate it in position and then do a Boolean union to connect them. I'm sure there's other uses, also. HTH.

Instead of selecting the pad operation for the second sketch, select the pocket operation. That should do what you want.

Sure enough! I didn't know that I could do a pocket operation on a sketch that was in the center of the object. I thought I could only do that with a sketch that was on the surface of an object. Thank you!

Generally it is possible to cut or join padded sketches. I did that with all of my things!
If possible be so kind an upload screenshots and / or the broken file, i´d like to check it.

This is what I am trying to do. I tried running a boolean cut on pad001 (the tray) from pad (the carrier). It acts like pad and pad001 are already joined solids.

The 0.17 version has a lot of huge changes.
Normally I use version 0.16.
In 0.17: It seems that You have to build a body each. Then You can "cut" them, not "boolean".
(First mark the main part, hold "ctrl", mark the part to be cut out - Then click "Make a cut of two shapes".
See attached File
Hope this helps a little bit.

0.17 was the only one that I could get working on my latop and I had to build that from source myself to get it to work. I will take a look at that. Thank you for your help!

It does not work this way, your pads are based on sketches on the xy-plane of the same body. If you really want to do this with a boolean operation (which I would not recommend), you could do the tray part in a second body, and then boolean the two different bodies.

How I would do it is: After creating the carrier pad, don't sketch onto the xy-plane of the body, but sketch on the face of the carrier where you want to cut the hole. Then make a pocket based on this sketch.

In the end that is what I went with (a sketch on the edge face and then pocket).

I'm coming from SketchUp, so this "body" stuff is new to me. Thanks!

Every pad (or more general, every feature) you add to a body will include all previous features, that's also why you only have the most recent feature of the body set to visible. You can not create 2 "independent" pads inside a body. At least that's my understanding of it.

crashdebug, that's true. I saw some conversation on the FreeCad forum about whether they should permit independent features within a body, but there's a debate about that among the developers, so who know whether it will ever happen.

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