CSG disciplines and procedure

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So, I'm typically 'self' related when it comes to developing skills. This makes it hard for me to relate. Also, it makes the possibility of developing incorrect procedures that become more and more inescapable. So, FreeCad is a little obscure in my opinion although I absolutely love it. I'm getting better and better and modelling. But, I started with BrlCad which I will be returning to shortly. In Brl, there is a very strict policy for developing solid objects and it certainly has a CSG discipline that it tries to enforce. For example, if you create an object with the intent of using it as a tool you must use proper boolean operators to create an object that does not violate another objects space. I have seen this actually fall on its face with BrlCad, but I believe it is a healthy discipline and I'm interested in whether there is an analogy for FreeCad. I've developed useful objects out of methods that make me feel uncomfortable. For example the included file; It is a replacement caster for a rollaway bed. How should it have been done?

I'm not an expert but I normally try to go away from primitives and boolean operations as possible, they always had unexpected behaviors when I tried them (probably I'm not using them correctly...). This is how I'll design the figure proposed:

(it's not complete but I think you should get the Idea).

I'm looking through this. Thanks for responding.

I am in no way able to guide you, I think you're already way beyond my level. Since I'm a beginner though, I know where to get knowledge :D Go to the FreeCad forum, they're incredibly helpful and and they take the time to solve your specific issue. The ppl there are awesome,