Need help converting/changing a DXF file.

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Need a one time help with a file. Since this is a bit out of the ordinary, I don't know where to begin looking for this. I currently began using FreeCAD. I have a file converted to a DXF, but my another CAD user needs it with "splines". I have no clue where to begin looking for this change from polylines to splines. Any conversion you could do would be great. screen shots to show where, or I can transfer the files back and forth. Thanks Mike


If you want to EXPORT from FreeCAD, you can use TechDraw SaveDXF from the TechDraw Workbench : https://wiki.freecadweb.org/TechDraw_SaveDXF

To adjust spline or polyline :

"Tools → Edit parameters → BaseApp/Preferences/Mod/Import → DiscretizeEllipses. If True, splines/ellipses are converted to polylines; if False, spline and ellipses are written as spline and ellipse objects. Default is False."

So in your case you want that parameter to be false.

Note that it is a v0.18 function, you need to update if your version of FreeCAD is below

Thanks dspdev,

I'm not seeing that line in the BaseApp string. screen shot attached. If you are so inclined, I have attached the file in question. Is your account setup for donations?

My bad, the parameter moved : It's in Tools → Edit parameters → BaseApp/Preferences/Mod/Draft → DiscretizeEllipses

Set it to false.

Also, have a look at Edit → Preferences → Import-Export, you have a tab named "DXF", and there you will find more parameters.

If it doesn't work, you can alternatively export it as DXF by highlighting your object in the tree view, then click on File -> export, and as format : "Autodesk DXF 2D (*.dxf)"

My account is not setup for donations, but if you want you can support the FreeCAD developers directly : https://wiki.freecadweb.org/Donate

Dxpdev, This is said tongue in cheek. I do appreciate the help, Ive been in the computing field since 1991, This is so damned funny. 1. I select all the shapesnnn, then go to file, click export to, Autodesk DXF 2D (*.dxf). Bang, file goes into the ether. Ive probably diddled with it and made a wild change. Oh, BTW, I am using FreeCAD .18

This is strange, doing the exact same procedure, it gives me a file (attached)

The screenshot shows you my parameters for import/export DXF. I use the dev version (0.19-20052) but that shouldn't be relevant in that case.

Hope that helps

Thanks dxpdev, both for the time and the file. Also, confirming I'm not crazy. I'll probably find the check mark, that caused this, a couple of weeks from now. This is why I retired from the computing industry, sick and tired of the bleeding edge. Donation will be made in your name.

Found only this difference is this layer check mark. There is no option for this in .18.

I'm happy to help, wish you the best.