Fixing stl through step203 export

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I recently made a couple of more complex designs that were non-manifold after STL export, even after fiddling around with the resolution. Everything was valid on the FreeCAD side. I tried Meshmixer to fix it and was sorely disappointed, especially since the holes didn´t seem that complicated to fill. In any case, the problem was solved by exporting to STP, open the STP again and saving as stl. I know any export operation is a loss in fidelity, but that can be remedied by giving each of the exports less tolerance, thus resulting in an STL comparable to a direct export.

It kind of sucks we´re stuck with the stl format, which is clunky at best - I´m always suspicious when a design environment can´t handle parasolid at least. In any case, it worked like a charm for me, and was far more reliable and easy to use than mesh fixing, albeit with the foul stench of a workaround.

I´ll just leave this here in case anyone had similar problems ...