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3d Modeller Here

by Unlucky_Soul

Hello All. Was Looking for some 3d Printing stuff and stumbled on this. I dont have a 3d Printer yet but will do so eventually. I do 3d modelling and its a passion of mine. I have done a lot of models for freelancer and if anybody wants some 3d models feel free to contact me :)

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Freelancer Discovery modding community - Links and information

by Sherlock_Filechecker

Here you can find all to download and play the discovery mod 4.88 for freelancer.
Also you can find pictures from every single ship. From Starflyer to the biggest Battleship.
It is a great thing to keep this game alive with good mods that fit pretty god to the original game.
Years ago i played some older mods (4.81 - 4.83 - 4.86)
Fantastic.... You can buy and fly every single Ship in the game.
It was a huge fun that made me play online for another year.
I love the game....

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Completed Prints

by HotSliceOfJesus

Let's share completed prints and stuff here.
Here's an album of the completed Osiris.

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How to Import/Export Freelancer models

by HotSliceOfJesus

For those curious as to how I am able to get the game files into printable models and to help others possibly extract and edit/fix models that don't work properly or have strange internal geometries that slicing programs can't deal with.

Things Required:

Freelancer installed on computer

Milkshape3d available at http://www.milkshape3d.com/

Milkshape 3D CMP Importer v2.7 available at http://the-starport.net/freelancer/download/singlefile.php?cid=2&lid=11

I have made and imgur album with screenshots showing the steps as well.

(0. Have Freelancer installed on computer)

  1. Download and install Milkshape3d
  2. Download Milkshape 3D CMP Importer v2.7 and extract
  3. Place the CMP Importer in the program data folder
  4. Launch MilkShape3d
  5. Select Freelancer CMP Importer v2.7 from the Import menu
  6. Press Model button
  7. Select model to import (Note: There are plenty of models I haven't even had time to figure out what or where they are in the game files)
  8. In the Groups tab delete all the groups with "HP" preceding the group. These are hardware points and call out to game files for things like turrets, lighting and camera positioning. Some of these exist outside the ship (circled in red by me) and will export as solid pieces that will mess up scaling and printing the model. (Note: This is where additional skills using MilkShape or other 3d editing software could be useful. I don't have any experience in this area and I am only showing the method I have found that at least gets them into a printable file.)
  9. Select Export and select Wavefront OBJ (or another format that may work with any additional software you have) and save the file
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So glad that Freelancer isnt dead :D

by TheOrdner


Just Found this Group. Thanks Jesus for Posting all the files, i already optimized the liberty gunship for 3d printing and sliced it in pieces. Took me way longer than I expected, the files are all wonky and Not closed.
Hope to print every ship one day :)

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