How to make a head for a puppet or fursuit

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I enjoyed the tutorial, and I have a question that's not covered by it. I don't have any experience of mask-making, so I'm not sure how to start designing the inside of the mask - the part that touches your head. How do you decide where it should touch, and get the shape right? What do you need to measure on the head? I'd be very grateful if you can make a tutorial covering these ideas - or even just give a quick answer here to help me start experimenting.

That shape of the head depends a lot on the style (realistic or cartoon-like).

For realistic (very small and perfectly fitting) heads I model around a 3d-scan of a papermaché mask that fits perfectly on my face - I made the mask, took about 70 photos and used photogrammetry software (Meshroom) to create the 3d-model.

For bigger heads, I usually model around a low polygon mannequin head (I adjusted it to be very close to the dimensions of my head). If it's too big you can always use foam inside to make it fit. I like my masks to fit me like a baseball cap - distributing the weight evenly on the top of my head.

Fursuit head-base with movable eyelids and ears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BHXK4AS5YQ