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Insert derive and parameters

by dtylerb

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to Fusion 360, though I do feel like I'm catching on and have successfully made several small parametric models. I've recently run in to an issue though when I started to explore the "Insert Derive" option. My understanding of insert derive is that I can use it to insert a component from a different file and use that component in my design, and if anything is changed in the original file where I sourced the component, it will be updated everywhere.

I do have a small parametric component that I intend to use in several different projects, but for each project I wanted to have different parameters set.. basically it might be longer or shorter depending on where I am using it. So I can do the insert derive, and if I select the checkbox down below under "parameters" that says "From Component", I can get those parameters to show up when I go to Modify->Change Parameters, but they appear to be read-only.

As far as functionality goes, I was hoping that I could derive a component, and that if changes were made to the main file they would be reflected in all my projects that use it, but that if I changed any parameters within those projects, they would take precedence over what is in the main file... that doesn't seem to be how it works though.

So my question is, is there some way to accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish?

So far the best I've come up with is I can change the parameters in the main file, insert derive in to my project, and then break the link and do the same thing for my next project that uses this component. The down side being, of course, that now if I modify the main source file, I'm going to have to manually update every project that uses it. Is there a better way?

Also, on a different note... I've joined this Fusion 360 group on Thingiverse, but it is not showing under "My Groups"... is this just another Thingiverse bug that will one day, hopefully be fixed?

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beginner help

by ioannou0

hello guys , i see many people struggling with fusion 360 ! here is a quick video i found and it will really help you to quickly expand your knowledge !


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How do I actually download the program?

by mcfada

I've been a Fusion 360 user for years. Recently I got notified that Autodesk will no longer be supporting the release version on the Mac App Store. They gave instructions to uninstall the App Store one and reinstall their distribution, which I followed. But I have no option to download F360 in my autodesk account, I can't find any link to actually download the trial/hobbyist version, everything on their site just sends me in circles where you think you are finally about to click the download link but then it's not. So if I'm not getting the app from the App Store, then how am I supposed to get it? Thanks

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Fusion 360 STL files not previewing in Thingiverse

by pfiesm

I just changed over to using Fusion 360 from FreeCad. When I save an STL file and publish it in Thingiverse, the preview doesn't show up. I've waited days and I know Thingiverse is having trouble lately. Is there something different with Fusion STL files or is this just a Thingiverse problem? This worked in the past for me with FreeCad STL files. I've tried both Binary and Ascii format STL files. Doesn't seem to make any difference. The STL files are pretty small.

Here's an example: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4101341

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


RC Tank Turret Platform with Servo Drive
by pfiesm
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Need someone to make my model

by nleitao

Guys, I need someone to draw me a model to 3D print.imagine a rectangle with maybe 6x3 cm without corners. Or a streched circle. 5 or 10 mm tickness and 2 holes on his surface
I'm pretty sure it's a 10 minute job for someone with the software and experience. will send photos of what I need to be done. Does someone draws on a democratic price?


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