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by MosheT

Hi all I am kind of new to fusion 360 and I need help with making a screw for some reason the design wont line up (I attached pics below)

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Shift key / Middle Mouse Button rotate object no longer works

by VegasGuy

I recently updated Fusion with the December 2020 update as required for personal use license. After the update I can no longer rotate an object by holding down the shift key and the middle mouse button (scroll wheel). My preferences are set to rotate and free orbit as before. I've completely reinstalled Fusion, and it still doesn't work.

Anyone else experienced this issue?

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The best BUDGET 3d printer you NEVER heard of !

by ioannou0

whats up my fellow 3d geeks ?? i am sharing this mostly for the new people but it would be a privilege to get your opinion on it !


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convex curve?

by santanig5

I need a little design help, I printed these Lithophanes (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3154700),using one of the Tarman files for size reference, and modified this two sided frame (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2770308) for Halloween. I would like to create a blank backplate that will fit in the frame, but cannot figure out how to do it.
Added a pic for reference.

Living Dead Lithophanes
Lithophane Frame Curved
by DR82
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Project sharing on Thingiverse

by lordmcfuzz

I'm designing some parts that I'd like to upload to thingiverse. I am using components with in fusion360 to organize everything and so I can turn on and off certain iterations or styles of parts.

The base part is a simple clamp that can go around a tube and then building features off of that clamp. If anyone wanted expand or change that base clamp, how can I enable that person to do it via thingiverse upload?

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