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Need help with 3Dlabprint P-47 battery hatch mod.

by wildvortex

Ok, I am fairly new to printing and CAD. I have only been at it since April. I have made a cut and separated the Fuselage then added support to the parts. When I save it as a STL everything looks great on the build plate of S3D but when I have it slice it does not come out. Please help and if possible tell me what was done and how it was done.

Here is the largest part

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Modeling a wood wall

by DarkTerritory

Hi folks

Trying to model an old wooden boxcar. I need to take a plane about 2 mm thick an put v grooves in in spaces about 2 mm apart to represent the boards edges. I was thinking that maybe I could make a single v groove and then use the rectangular
Pattern tool to propagate them across the surface at regular intervals, but is there a better way?

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help needed

by skitcher

I'm trying to design a model of a phone to make a phone case, but I have trouble lofting. See image.

Trying to loft Red (Sketch19) to Blue (Sketch18) with Green (Sketch8) guide rail. Help!

fusion_360 Help skitcher
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Design a plate with many parallel and equal grooves

by DarkTerritory

Hi Folks

I want to try to model a wooden wall with vertical wood siding, like on a building or the side of a wood boxcar. Essentially a thin plane with regular grooves that don't cut all the way through.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. Thinking that what might be best is to define the edge with the height and length, somehow create the groove profile on the edge and use the Pattern > rectangular pattern command to propagate the groove down the sheet, then finally press pull the sheet out to the desired width.

I say this, but I'm having trouble trying to get the groove pattern established on the edge, and then try to propagate it down the line. Can someone give me a hint on how to do this, or suggest a better method? I'm a strong beginner / light intermediate with Fusion so I know some stuff but am trying t learn more. Thanks!

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by KingMakerManThe_4th

Hello, I made a lego brick that is parametric. Here are the files. If you have Fusion 360 then, I included an archive file so anyone can view the history or edit from there. Feel free to remix!

fusion_360 LEGO legos Lego_Brick lego_compatible Megabloks_stink
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