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Hey guys,

a friend of me send me a request to print for him, a little ford focus, he asked me if i could make a little ring at the back of it so he could use it as a hanger on his car keys. one slight problem... all he has is a STL file, so i imported it in fusion, right clicked on the 'meshbody', clicked on 'Mesh to BRep'(as a new body). AND thats where i get stuck... I can't get it right so i can make a keychain thingy on it.

can someone tell me how i do that?

Another solution is to create the ring you want in model space. After completing the ring body - convert it to mesh. Select the new ring mesh and the existing .stl file mesh. Change to the mesh work space and chose Modify-Merge bodies. Return to Model Space and export the new (combined) mesh body as a .stl

Look carefully at your new .stl file in your slicer, sometimes where the two meshes join there will be a void where the 2 meshes touch, this is due to the way the 2 mesh shells merge. This can sometimes be fixed if you use Modify-Remesh while you are in the mesh work space prior to exporting the final .stl file.

i tried you solution, worked like a charm!!! Thanks to everyone for the help!

You could open the stl in your slicer, check it for height and make the ring, height to suit, in Fusion. Open ring in the slicer and place to suit. This works in Cura, I've not tried in anything else.

Or to do it in Fusion don't forget to tell Fusion 'do not capture design history' (right click on Document Settings) after importing the stl in order to make your edits.

What is going wrong? If the mesh is too dense it may fail and you can reduce the mesh density before converting and editing. If the mesh is dense and you want to keep it that way... you'll have to chop the object into multiple parts... then convert them... then reassemble. Then you can add a simple ring wherever you want.

Worked great except it has raised my extruder up to high to work with my current glass clip setup.