No Mesh to B-rep function in Fusion 360

B-rep Convert Fusion 360 help Mesh STL

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Hi everyone!

I have been using Fusion 360 for most of my time as a maker and I have found it to have many useful tools.
I saw in a YouTube video about someone inserting a STL and converting it from Mesh to B-rep in order to edit it.
For some reason whenever I upload an STL it does not have the option to convert Mesh to B-rep.
Can anyone help me?

you have to disable Design history before you can insert .stl files, do this by right clicking the project name and go all the way to the bottom of the drop-down menu and press "design history" then "disable design history" you will most likely get a warning but just accept it by pressing OK, then you may go to the insert menu and insert the mesh you have chosen, then go to "bodies" and click "Mesh to B-rep" it will then create a new body. After this just delete the mesh and you will be able to edit the B-rep model. It can then be exported using the same method as any other fusion 360 models.
I hope this helped answer your question.

you have to disable the history of modification before to have the option. Select the name of the project and click right => Do not capture design history Convert, and enable the design history again

Don't forget to use insert mess to load the STL file

Also interested in this, I might have seen the same video. Think I did disable the history of modification and wasn't able to do it but I have to admit I spent very little time trying it. Historically I use SketchUp for editing imported STLs but so much prefer the parametric nature of Fusion 360 and would love to be able to do some useful things to STLs.

Thank you very much for everyone's help!
I have tried it and it does work.
I remember seeing in the video that you have to turn off design history but i had forgotten! :)
I to like the design space in fusion 360 cmh, that is why i wanted to know how to import stls!
Thanks again!

This was really helpful, thank you! Initially I disabled design history, but I found it far better to create a base feature before importing the STL, then finish the base feature and it allowed me to keep adding parametric features later in the design history. That's under "TO INSERT AND CONVERT A MESH AS A BASE FEATURE:" in that doc. Using this approach I managed to keep design history and created a silly little valve cap for the car: Rubber ducky tire valve cap

Thanks to Bill14 for asking the question and everyone for their answers!

Rubber ducky tire valve cap
by cmh