Vase creation

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I am new to fusion and I have created some vases and other printable stuff. I am looking to make a vase similar to the link below. However, I cannot figure out how to make the cross hatch pattern on the cylinder.


VASE_GRILL (spiralized)

The pattern function seems to be pretty stable. Check it out!

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This is pretty much what I needed to see. It all just clicked with that video. Thank you.

if a cylinder, create a sketch at the base with a circle the same size as the diameter, with slots in it, then an axis in the center of the cylinder, Sweep the slots up the axis with a twist

Thank you ! I will try this tomorrow.

There are a number of youtube videos for this type of design. This looks like two revolved threads. I recall seeing the video, but don't have a link to it.

I have found video using the coil but I want to be able to shape the vase to something other than a standard cylinder and I cannot seem to get it.

Try adding sculpt to your search, I'm sure that is where I saw it.