Reduce exported mesh size

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Hi all,

I'm working on a lego three-way switch model and am hoping to post it here, but it has to be exported at the finest settings for refinement or the edges and holes come out stepped instead of relatively smooth. As a result of the high refinement, the file is currently 900mb... So, no, I can't upload that. It should be possible to reduce it to a reasonable size but I don't know how as I'm fairly new to Fusion 360. Any help you can give on this topic wil be greatly aporeciated.

Try exporting the mesh and poly reducing in blender. Eg, this model (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/2019-robot-skinner-aaf4213867fe47e2afb35fb2135c925b) was originally 706k verts before reducing in Blender. The result is still fine for aesthetic purposes and under 50MB.

Thanks! I have Blender installed but haven't used it much - how would I redice the mesh? Also, is it possiible to only remesh certain areas of the file? The rails don't need a perfect curve so it would be ideal to remesh those areas while leaving the mechanical components with a high poly count.

Use the decimate modifier. If objects are separated then you will need to do it on a per object basis. https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/modifiers/generate/decimate.html If the objects are not separated you will need to separate the parts you don't want decimated or don't want decimated as much. This can be done by going into edit mode, selecting nothing, selecting a vertex on a part you want to separate, pressing ctrl+L (to select linked) and then pressing p to make them separate by selection. That's how you can turn 1 object into 2 or more which can then have separate modifier stacks applied to them.

Fusion 360.
Copy the project and open the copy.
Right click on the document settings and turn off history.

Then top left tab (should say model) switch to mesh.
Then should be the 2 or 3rd button edit mesh or remesh.
Click it and reduce mesh.
A window will pop up. Drag the slider to reduce the mesh count.

Then click the mesh tab and go back to model.
Then right click the mesh body and convert to berap.
Theb save the new body

Already tried that. The issue is that the studs get deformed and unusable.

You could try using the Dropbox feature to upload the file. I know it's not the more opportune route to take, but worth a shot. Otherwise, try hosting it on a large file-sharing site that would allow that large of a file, and link it in the summary.

Yeah, but my upload speed is slow so it would take hours and probably use up a good chunk of my data for the month.

Have you compressed it in a .ZIP file already? That can reduce the file size considerably.

I got about an 85% compression rate - pretty good. It's still over 150mb though. Is is possible to remesh certain areas while leaving others as-is?

Actually, I was just considering that. I will try that today but I will use 7zip as it has better compression rates in the .7z format.