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Final Voyage

by NightfuryGamer

Hey ya'll I've been working on a board game thought this was a good place to post about it. So for the game I need some artistic help. Since I can't draw I was wondering if anyone wants to help with the game creation. Computer drawing works too. I need a drawing of the following:an Apple, a Lion, a native(like an indian), a wasp, a human heart, a slingshot, a blueberry, a bullet, and a whittling knife.

Wizard Staff

by WattsForLunch

I was wondering if anyone had a good model of a wizard, or something holding a gnarled wooden staff.

I want to attempt to blow it up, slice it into chunks, and print it piece by piece and fit it over a thin PVC pipe. Any ideas?


by S73L105



Can we get a borderlands crew together to digistruck some models?

Just saiyan..

Good news with half a cup of wait

by Lit77

One of the models in my projects finally has been completed. It took soooooo long, (A week+ a Day; to add edits and delete the unnecessary ). With 1 down, I have more two to go. However, in October I have exams, so I'll try to get the second one done but not the final one.

Rain Boot

by Tinac

I'm wondering if anyone has made a tiny rain boot, maybe about 1 inch high? Im in need of one for a craft I have to do.. Thanks!