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Settlers of Catan Tiles Warping?

by warmarine759

I was printing these out https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2035221 and they printed completely fine but when i started to interlock them they start to lift at the edges. With 2 they lay flat but 3+ it gets more and more dramatic. I dont know what to sand or how to fix them since i tried sanding a few edges down but that didnt help at all. I know my printer has not so good tolerances so im guessing that has something to do with it?

(i broke one a bit printing it out but it shows the shape of the bottom)

settler catan style interlocking tiles
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Cheaper flickering LEDs

by samoja

I was looking at this tile https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2125958/#comments for flickering torches. It is really cool but i saw that required flickering diode is from wallmart tea light, that sell for 10 punds for 20 pcs (idk what it sells for in US). Normal (non flickering) LEDs on the other hand sell for 1.14 pounds for 100 pcs. I found this helpful tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcw3IXP_3E0 that explains how to use only one flickering LED to make all the other LEDs in your setup flicker. My printer is currently off line waiting for some replacement parts so i can´t test out the concept, but the idea would be to have one tile containing flickering LED (either concealed or integrated in the scenery) connected directly to the power source, that would then provide power to the rest of the dungeon making all subsequently connected lights flicker as well.

OpenForge Cut-Stone OpenLOCK Battery Base
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Gengar and Magikarp

by dlayman_

I wanted to do some Pokemon that I particularly like myself. Gengar because he is one of the most badass Pokemon of the 1st gen, and Magikarp, solely based on the fact that I can't wait to do Gyrados!



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100% 3D printable counterweighted kururin rolling stick

by hongo2

Hi I created this Kururin rolling stick fidget toy in the aim to make 100% 3d printable objects. This stick is counterweighted on both ends leaving an air chamber cavity in the center, it gets balanced and no support material needed.
Attached find the FreeCad parametric files, change it's shape and balance to find out wich measures/weight combination works the best. Please post your results and new files!!

3d print 100% infill rectilinear, 3 perimeters.


Kururin rolling stick weighted fidget toy tumbler
by hongo2
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Tutorial: Print 3rd Party Resin on Form 2 and general Handling

by drato

Hey everyone,

I thought my latest video would fit in here as an instructional guide. I used a 3rd party resin (Liqcreate Stone Coal Black) to print miniatures and a skull on my Formlabs Form 2. The video covers the following topics:

-Exchanging Build Platform
-Exchanging Resin Tank
-Filter/Clean Resin
-Prepare Printer for using 3rd Party Resin
-Prepare a Model in Preform for printing & Uploading to the Printer
-Postprocessing Prints: Clean/Rinse with Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Cure, Cutting Supports

buildplate 3rd_party BuildPlatform build_platform cleaning form2 Formlabs liqcreate postprocess preform
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