Our Gothic City KICKSTARTER will go LIVE in a couple of weeks!

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Announcing an announcement... not really the best idea, why not post a picture of some files or something?

you didnt click on the image of that tile sample?

you mean that massive image with the dungeon tile and door? whats gothic city about that?

I guess its not for you then.

well you posted it in the 40k group, and a bunch of other places, I thought maybe it was more Gothic Scifi, not generic fantasy.

The core sets are made to be a standard medieval setting. The addons (and stretch goals) will allow people to make and customize the city to either industrial fantasy, steampunk, and a more gothic city. We wanted to make our main customers happy and provide them with fantasy/medieval first and foremost. But we wanted to be able to provide a modular city that can used from anywhere from the 5th century middle ages to even an 1890's london. Its made with Malifaux, Warma/Hordes, DnD, Call of Cthulhu players in mind. But It is going to be very very useable to Warhammer players (especially Mordheim). Hope that helps man. Just a bit more time and you will be able to see what I mean.