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A10 Aftermarket Bed

by Matsubaa

My heated bed has stopped reliably reaching my set temperature. I can do a PID autotune which takes it up to 60 and returns usable numbers. When I attempt to heat it for printing though, it caps out somewhere between 51 and 57 degrees where it hovers until the protection kicks in and shuts down the machine.

While I can break out the multimeter and maybe save it, I'm seeing that the docs for the bed are pretty thin. In terms of replacement I see only the $44 full-stack replacement of the entire bed, heater, etc. Maybe I get lucky and I don't need to replace it but I'm hoping to do better than the OEM on either price or performance, if not both. Is it drop-in compatible with an Ender 3 upgraded bed or is there something else I need to double-check before I ever consider a replacement?

Geeetech_A10 Heated_Bed upgrade
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Suggest Hot End upgrade for an A10

by tsiolkovsky


I am thinking of upgrading the hot end to an all stainless steel one - possibly from Micro Swiss but looking for recommendations / advice.


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X Carriage for A10

by Minhsane

Hello all, not necessarily plugging my creation but since I cannot print it, does anyone else want to print an x carriage and see if it is comparable to the stock one? I am attempting to adapt different hot ends for our printers but since mine is in pieces I can't exactly print the parts to check fitment lol

Here is a link for anyone interested!

Geeetech A10 v3 X Carriage
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My Nozzle keeps clogging. What should I do?

by Thingiverse4545

So I've been trying to figure out why my nozzle keeps clogging in the middle of prints. Can anyone help me? I tried pushing filament through the nozzle and it was working till the tube the filament is thread through(forgot what it's called) came off and I'm trying to change it now.

Edit: I'm now getting a new problem where my printer is saying MINTEMP BED

Please reset

Can somebody please tell me what this means? Please help me.

Edit: Ha, lol jk I replaced my Teflon tube and now I'm getting the same issue again.

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Dial too slow...

by theroar

So when I spin the dial to adjust anything it takes so many spins to get to the value I want to set... I end up with an arm that looks like Bjorn Borg's back in the day... Anyone know where to adjust that in the marlin firmware?

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