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Oozing and stringing

by pattarom

Hi to all.
I have a big problem with my A20M with oozing and stringing.
I cannot get rid of them in any way.
I'm using Simplify3D as slicer, but no parameter change has solved this problem.
Also on the print, are present many blobs...

I'm very frustrated...

Someone can give me some suggestion?

Thank you in advance.

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Print leaning on one side??

by DarkTreader

Hey everyone got a weird issue maybe someone has an answer to. when printing an object with vertical walls, the walls on the left side are vertical(90degrees) but as it moves to the right the walls start to lean to the right gradually more over the whole width of the bed.. so by the far right side there is a very noticeable lean. It's not a layer shift because as it keeps building height the left side keeps going straight up but as you go right it leans. It's definitely something to do with the X axis drive. not sure if it is a belt issue, stepper or driver or main board. any ideas to try out? attached is an illustration of the lean. Thanks in advance

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Adding 3dtouch to A20M

by LiquidAvGear

Hello All,

I have tried and failed for the past week to add a 3d touch to my A20M - GT2560 V3.X running Marlin 1.1.8. I followed all the steps but seem to hit a stop during the auto home where the printer tries to drive the Z through the bed.
I tried the Gethub and Arduino step but it had errors I couldn't correct during the verify section
Attempted the file load from Geeetech but it says it all gtg but same error occurs.

Has anyone seen this before or have a way I can at least get my printer back to how it was so I can still print.

3DTouch geeetech_A20M
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GEEEtech A20m Control Knob not working right

by tungee

I've had this since Christmas, has worked fine up until now. I was using babystep to adjust the Z-axis, and the knob suddenly got hard to twist, and it acts as if I'm constantly pressing it in. It beeps and constantly switches between setting on the control panel, and nothing I do seems to get the button working. It almost feels like it was turned too much, and is not stuck on "pressing the button" mode and is incredibly hard to turn. Any help would be appreciated

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Geetech A20M 2 Colour Mix not mixing correctly

by Danthelad

The 2 colour mix has stopped mixing correctly.
When I first set up the printer and tried printing a simple 20mm square cube it printed perfectly in 1 colour, so I then set the same file up to print again and set the colour mixer to 50% for each extruder and it mixed the 2 colours and printed the cube in that mixed shade.
However, now, for no reason, it does not seem to mix the colours together! It prints the base layer in the shaded colour but the rest is as follows;
Y+ plane (left-hand) side 1/ colour number 1
X+ plane (front) side 2/ slightly light mix shade
Y- plane (right-hand) side 3/ colour number 2
X- plane (back) side 4/ slightly dark mix shade
Also, when I extrude the actual colour mix it comes out as striped......the left-hand side is colour number 1 and the right-hand side is colour number 2 with a slightly mixed colour very narrowly in between.
It is as though it is not merging the 2 colours together in the extruder.
I have tried printing with different filament/colours and extruder temperatures, with no noticeable difference.
I only purchased this printer because of it's colour mixing facility, so I am in a bit of a quandary as to what to do next..!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated......
Kindest Regards in advance, Dan.
I am using the exactly the same types of PLA filament in each extruder

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