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Layer Misalignment

by mivam

Olá a todos.

Estou tendo problemas com desalinhamento das camadas da minha A10M.

Alguém tem alguma dica para me ajudar?

Desde já muito obrigado

Hello everyone.

I am having problems with misalignment of the layers on my A10M.

Anyone have any tips to help me?

Thank you in advance.

A10M misaligned
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Cura not printing with second extruder

by Devine

Ok so whats happening.

I slice my file in Cura,

right click and select what part for which extruder, than merge the files.
Prime tower is enabled and in correct position
I check layer view and it only shows as extruder 1 printing everything.
sure enough this is what happens when I try a print, Entire print is done on extruder 1.

both extruders work because test prints that cam on sd card worked fine

What am I missing here ? any help would be appreciated


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by teacs

merci pour l'acceuil

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Oozing and stringing

by pattarom

Hi to all.
I have a big problem with my A20M with oozing and stringing.
I cannot get rid of them in any way.
I'm using Simplify3D as slicer, but no parameter change has solved this problem.
Also on the print, are present many blobs...

I'm very frustrated...

Someone can give me some suggestion?

Thank you in advance.

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Adding SD card reader to GT2560

by Revamped_Outdoors

So I like my A10M so much I decided to get a GT2560 board on a good deal from eBay ($25 shipped) I thought I would mess around with an old CR-10 I have. I thought why not flash it and run it on the CR-10. I've configured a version of Marlin and verified it for the 2560 but...because the SD card is integrated into the stock CR-10 board I won't be able to have an SD card.

I would like to have a slot for testing but I can't find a SD card reader that would go into the 10 pin SD card header. I have found the RepRapDiscount Smart Controller that comes with both on one board but I don't need the display just a plug and play SD card reader.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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