How to use coast and wipe correctly

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I have a geeetech a10m and just recently switch from using repitier host to cura because it had much more options and I'm trying to print the collapsible katana but having trouble. I'll upload my preview and hopefully someone can tell me what's wrong in my settings that would make it do what's in the picture with the little gaps. Thank you!

The gaps represent the coasting - i.e when it's not extruding any filament. It confused me too the first time I enabled coasting and looked at the preview. In short, the gaps shown are expected when coasting is enabled.

If I disable coast and wipe here is what I get....looks fine but when I print the stringing between each layer causes it to not be able to expand or collapse...HELP

son las retracciones para deshacerte de ellas tienes que eliminar dos tapones metálicos de las gargantas

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