Strange layers uneven (not layer shift)

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Hello all!
Any one knows what is this problem?
Printed with A10M

Have you calibrated the Steppersteps? Seems overextruded to me.

Also try to set the extruding width in you slicer to 0.4mm (Simplify3D automatically sets 0.48mm for example)

I already calibrated the Esteps but did no solve the problem.
I now test with 0.4mm extrusion width instead of the 0.44mm but the result is the same :S

It looks too hot, but that is just one error. We would require a video of it printing and more information about the slicer and its settings, there is just not enough info from a picture.

The problem is not the quality of the print, it's just the fact the layers are not even like when printed with one extruder only. For some reason the tool change is creating some type of offset or shift...
I already confirmed this same problem with diferent settings and with cura and prusa slicer. I already confirmed the same problem on another person only who as A10M too. I even flash marlin 1.1.9 and the same problem persists...
I attached the photo of my last test after flashing marlin 1.1.9, it is not calibrated I know but the uneven layers are already visible on the dual extruder print.
I can post my settings if it may help, I can even post my small test if you have a dual extruder you may print it and compare results?

No I don't have dual extruder anymore, so cant try printing it.