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Firmware issues solved

by espr14

1) Fan commands are not synchronized with printing - insert G4 P1 just before M106 and M107 commands. Be aware that printing stops at the point of G4 P1 so don't use it during smooth extrusion.

2) Printing ends sooner than it should - insert G4 P1 at the end of the G code.

3) Nozzle stays at result at the end - insert G92 Z0 and G1 Z5 at the end of the G code (before G4 P1).

4) Printing resumes at wrong position after pause (pause, filament change, power off) - turn off auto bed leveling, use manual only.

5) Print head moves extremely fast and then very slow - maximal functional speed is 9999 mm / min so you have to limit all the speeds to 166 mm / sec or less.

To make inserting of G4 P1 for bridges only easier, set your maximal fan speed to 99% and keep fan speed for bridges to 100%. Then you can easily add G4 P1 just before M106 S255. You can use sed in Linux or PsPad in Windows to automate it. The same with M107.

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TL Smoothers

by Boba_Fett_Lives

Has anyone used TL Smoothers on their A30?

If so, could you please say which TL smoothers you used and did they help?

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Replace board?

by eteokles65

I have a Geeetecg A30 with a fried board. And I do have a spare board from another vendor. An ANET A8 ramps 1.7
which is capable of 24V DC.
My question is: Is it possible to replace the original board with the Anet one? I know that the LCD display will not work,
but I can install an ANET display if needed.
I need your advice on that.

Thank you

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I need some help

by Niek_

My A30 keeps doing this thing where it prints like 20 layers and then goes to the front left corner and starts grinding away trying to push past the edge of the frame. The slicer I'm using is Cura if that helps.


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This thing is infuriating

by randymarkc

Yes, I'm a newbie.
After a week of messing with this thing I was finally able to get the test print to work. I've played with PLA filament(s) and bed temps and leveled this thing I don't know how many times...finally the test print comes out and it looks good.
I import an SLA into Cura (printer set as a 10s) and I'm able too get that file to work too...I'm on a roll...
Nope, same filament, same Cura settings, same ambient conditions and the filament WILL NOT adhere to the bed now! It just curls around the extruder nozzle.

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