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MAY 2019 Deals

by amasraff

The following items will expire on 30th June 2019
Item: CR-10S PRO
Code: 3dprinting745
Link: https://bit.ly/2KmhmaU
Warehouse AU

Item: Ender-3
Code: 3dprinting925
Link: https://bit.ly/2WQ6F1w
Warehouse AU

deals discounts may 2019 promo code
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Prusa i3 pro b Z AXIS PROBLEM

by bigbigjota

Hi. I'm Jeremias from Argentina, and i'm totally beginner in 3d printing world. Here is the thing:
i got a Geeetech prusa i3 pro b from a friend, and it came to me totally assambled. The problem is that the motor from the left of the z axis barely rotates (most of the time it doesn't even move, only makes noise), but the one from the right it's doing it ok. I tried to switch the connections, and has not changed anything (so i don't think it's a connection problem). Also I checked if the motor joint it's ok, and it seems to be good.
Can you give me any help?
Thanks a lot, (and sorry for my poor english)

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I3 PRO B settings for Cura or Slic3r

by sergiotomasello

Hi guys,
I bought and assembled, a week ago, my first 3D printer :) I read around the web Cura and Slic3r are the most used slicer software and I would like to be able to use one of them with my I3 Pro B, but I cannot find an official profile/setting file for it, neither for Cura or Slic3r. What I only found were a lot of Slic3r settings printscreens on the geeetech forum. I saw a lot of people printing amazing things with their I3 Pro B and in a week I was not able to print anything, it's really frustrating....
Could you please help me sharing your settings for Cura o Slic3r?
Thank you guys

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New design

by BlueFish44

Hi, I designed a part to make the z screw more accurate

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Filament Stepper Motor Not Running

by larrynotlawrence

Hello everyone.
Hoping for an idea on where to turn next with a problem I have.
I had accidently bent a couple of the stepper driver pins reinserting it in the board during some troubleshooting.
I had tried to run a print without knowing about the pins, and the filament stepper motor has not worked since.
I have - replaced the stepper driver, replaced the stepper motor and the stepper motor cable.
None of these things have solved the problem.
I have no idea what to try / check next!

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