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Need help identifying this plug!

by larrynotlawrence

Hi everyone.
I'm needing some help with the name and/or part number on the male & female end of this 4 wire plug.
This is the one that comes from the power supply into the gt2560 board. I need to replace both ends
So if anyone has any tips on replacing the one on the board that would be great.
Thank you all.

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Thermocouple and Heating Element Loose

by bjeromin

So a while back my thermocouple fell out mid-print and the entire insulation caught fire but i managed to put everything back together and get it working again. I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of a kind of way to keep them in without falling out again and ruining something on my printer or burn down my entire house if I let it print overnight

My printer is the i3 Pro b with all stock parts

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New extruder wich one to buy?

by handsome1987

For my geeetech prusa i3 pro b i need a new extruder complete.
Wich one or what do i need to buy? I search for a cheap solution like hardware form aliexpress.
Do i need a mk8 extuder or a jhead or a bowden.
I thing about a max of 20 euro. (25Dollar)

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Filament motor stalling

by beemergb

Hi G people , my G I3 was doing just fine then ! The Motor that pulls the Filament through is stalling , it just rocks slightly back and Forward !! Any clever people out there know what the Problem could be ? Hope so , Happy New Year To you all , Harry

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Layer shifts on the Y axis

by leobaillard


I have a Geeetech i3 Pro B and it works great. I've recently tried to print bigger parts (a Space X Falcon 9 for instance) and I'm experiencing layer shifts on the Y axis.

I can't figure out where the problem is coming from. Things I've tried/found:

  • the Y axis motor axle pulley that holds the belt is tight
  • the Y axis belt is firmly tightened as well
  • i've added extra clips on the glass bed in case the glass was moving

One other thing to not is that the Y motor runs hotter than the X or Z motors. Could that be an issued? If so, should I try reducing the current going to the motor using the potentiometer on the driver? Should I try adjusting acceleration and jerk value?

I've joined a picture of the results with layer shifting.

Thanks to anyone who can help or suggest ideas!

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